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We believe in a future where we all feel more empowered and emotionally well.

At MyWellbeing, we are committed to building the most personalized mental health solutions so that we all grow, together.

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Tailored Therapist/Coach Matching

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We put our seekers and providers first.

"I can’t believe this but 24 hours later I have a therapist. Incredible. Seriously!! I’m in awe."

"You’re the absolute best. Your detail and care is so appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

“I really love the referrals that MyWellbeing sends to my practice. The clients are fantastic and they fit my area of expertise and client population I work with the best.”

“I highly recommend Alyssa and her staff; they are compassionate, dedicated professionals who believe in their vital mission to help change lives! Sign on and watch your practice grow!"

Driven by 5 core values

Be You Not Them

Lead From "Session" One

Everyone Deserves a Seat "On the Couch"

Always Learning

Don't "Shrink" the Small Stuff

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Just a few highlights off the couch

35 million

In 2021 alone, MyWellbeing provided mental health resources, stigma-reduction and perspective to over 35 million people through Instagram.


People who find their therapist or coach through MyWellbeing stay in care 75% longer than people who find their provider in other ways. Rapport matters, which is why we match for it.


MyWellbeing has worked with leading brands like Bleacher Report and STARz to sponsor free or low cost mental health care for hundreds of people of color and other marginalized groups. Email [email protected] to sponsor additional low cost care today.

Our Founding Story

When Alyssa started training as a social worker, she finally prioritized her own therapist search. Despite knowing the jargon, it took Alyssa over 30 calls to find the right fit. At the same time, Alyssa's clients shared that they struggled to find a therapist and chose her for her headshot, which often led to a mismatch in expertise and additional time, energy, and dollar costs.

"Imagine if mental health were as personalized as recommendations on Netflix or Seamless," she thought.

Alyssa founded MyWellbeing in 2017 with a social work degree, a spreadsheet, and a whole lot of peers and colleagues who were desperate to connect with each other.

Since inception, MyWellbeing has:

  • Supported millions of people in understanding and accessing mental health care
  • Matched tens of thousands of people to the right provider fit for them
  • Supported hundreds of therapists and coaches in building their business and professional community

Today, the team at MyWellbeing is small and mighty, brought together by their shared passion for mental health. Scroll just a little bit further to meet the MyWellbeing team.

Thank you for all that you do.
We look forward to meeting you!