Advocate Program

Promote My Wellbeing’s therapist matchmaking program to your team through custom co branded communication materials that describe how My Wellbeing’s free therapy matching service works and how to get started.

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My Wellbeing Advocate Content Package
Choose the content that you would like to introduce My Wellbeing to your team
Further Collaboration
Choose the programs you would like to learn more about
Assets needed
Provide 1-2 sentences about the importance of wellbeing.
Please share a link that will allow us to access your company logo
Select the contact information you would like to display on the My Wellbeing postcards
Labeled as a My Wellbeing Advocate
Your company name and logo will be featured on as a My Wellbeing Advocate, additionally options to be included in press & marketing assets (subject to a case-by-case approval from your team).
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