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What is Meant by “Sliding Scale” and How To Talk to Your Therapist About Accessing It

Today, Kayla breaks down what a sliding scale is and how someone can ask for one. A sliding scale is one option for therapy-seekers to access therapy at a lower price than a therapist’s usual fee, based on the seeker’s particular circumstances, and the therapist’s commitment to improve access for those who need it. Read on to learn more.

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7 Tips to Make The Most of Your Phone Consultation

In her years training toward becoming a social worker, and running My Wellbeing, our founder, Alyssa has noticed the large benefit of a free phone consultation as a gut-check before meeting with a therapist in-person. Today, we talk about how to make the most of your phone consultation so you can set yourself up for success with a therapist who you resonate with and who resonates with you.

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Three ways therapy saves you money over time

There's no getting around it. Therapy, like a personal trainer or healthy diet, is a financial investment.

When you're working hard to earn your income, and likely already spending a majority of your income on things like high rent and coffee costs in NYC, taking the leap to invest in therapy can feel like a financial risk. At first.

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The Issue with Insurance

April Dembosky shares on NPR's Morning Edition, "There are a lot of people suffering from a mental health condition who need therapy. And there are a lot of therapists who want to help them. But both sides believe the insurance companies that are supposed to bring them together are actually keeping them apart."

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