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7 Tips to Make The Most of Your Phone Consultation

In her years training toward becoming a social worker, and running My Wellbeing, our founder, Alyssa has noticed the large benefit of a free phone consultation as a gut-check before meeting with a therapist in-person. Today, we talk about how to make the most of your phone consultation so you can set yourself up for success with a therapist who you resonate with and who resonates with you.

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How to Find the Right Therapist for You

Finding the right therapist can be an intimidating task. You may be wondering where to begin, where to look, or what to look for. You may fear that you won’t know who is or isn’t a good fit for you and your particular needs. I’ve been there; I have had to navigate this process both personally and professionally, helping me become uniquely qualified to help others.

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Three ways therapy saves you money over time

There's no getting around it. Therapy, like a personal trainer or healthy diet, is a financial investment.

When you're working hard to earn your income, and likely already spending a majority of your income on things like high rent and coffee costs in NYC, taking the leap to invest in therapy can feel like a financial risk. At first.

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The Issue with Insurance

April Dembosky shares on NPR's Morning Edition, "There are a lot of people suffering from a mental health condition who need therapy. And there are a lot of therapists who want to help them. But both sides believe the insurance companies that are supposed to bring them together are actually keeping them apart."

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