Coaching with Kristen

  1. From your perspective, what is coaching?

    Coaching is a “shortcut” to elevate into the highest version of yourself. You already have the power and wisdom within to change your life, but I’m here to help you leap into higher and new perspectives.The essence of coaching is about (re)discovering yourself—achieving your goals is just a by-product.

    I also use PSYCH-K in my sessions—it’s a powerful tool to transform limiting subconscious beliefs, traumas and phobias in a matter of minutes. If you’re in a place where you’ve set an intention for a big goal or internal transformation but, no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in, it seems like there’s some “invisible force” making it impossible for you to move forward, it’s likely from subconscious blocks. Coaching and PSYCH-K can transform these subconscious blocks into self-serving beliefs to propel you towards the direction of your goals.

  2. Please share 2-3 anonymized examples of how the work can play out and/or look in the room so that I can form a visual or narrative of what to expect.

    For PSYCH-K balances, we will typically look at your current situation (i.e. How are things now?) and discuss your desired situation / goals (i.e. How do you want things to be instead?). From that, we will create a goal statement (i.e. I am confident and self-assured), which is essentially a new belief you’d like to program into your subconscious mind. We’ll then discuss action steps you can take to turn your new subconscious belief into self-serving habits and behaviors.

    If you say you are not feeling appreciated or valued at work, I would ask you: What thoughts and energy are you giving out that would attract situations and people that don’t make you feel appreciated? How do you show yourself appreciation for the work that you do? We cannot experience the effect without participating in the cause.

  3. Are there any philosophies or values that inform your work that I should know about?

    I take a holistic, intuitive and spiritual approach to my sessions. I am well-versed in the spiritual laws of the universe (i.e. manifestation, the idea that the energy we give out is the energy we get back) and live by these principles, as they’ve changed my own life. I believe the mind, body and spirit (and physical reality) are all connected, and the teachings and practices I offer are based on this idea.

  4. How much do you share about yourself during our time together and why?

    I believe the coaching relationship must be cultivated on both sides, so I’m more than open to share my own experiences as it’s relevant to your learning and growth.

  5. How participatory are you during sessions?

    I am both an active participator and listener in our sessions, as appropriate. I’m participatory to the extent that I can guide you to your own “A-Ha” moment.

  6. Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

    Yes! It depends on the situation, but I may assign action steps, mindfulness practices, meditations, readings or journaling prompts. These can help you gain more clarity, feel happier, develop a better understanding of yourself, and move forward in your life.

  7. How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones?

    Similar to what I said above, a coach comes from an objective point of view, and can reveal the limiting beliefs and blind spots that are blocking you from living into your highest potential. I am committed to helping you transform yourself and your mindset so you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

  8. Is there ever a time when you would encourage me to leave or graduate? Or how do I know when it’s time to end or move on, or time to stay and explore more?

    If you feel you’ve met your goals for coaching and feel empowered to move forward yourself, that is a great sign for "graduation." However, if there are still recurring patterns and negative habits that continue to hold you back, I would encourage us to work through those.

  9. Where did you work before going into private practices?

    I worked at PwC in their M&A practice. I started my career working in Accounting & Financial Reporting, then onto Human Capital Consulting, developing strategies for company culture transformation and workshops for leadership development. I’ve also worked in Learning & Leadership Development for Bank of America, focusing on VP development through designing mentorship programs.

  10. Have you received any particular training beyond your post-Bachelor’s training?

    I am a trained PSYCH-K Facilitator.

  11. What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

    My deep, innate calling to help others after I had learned to help myself. I have gone through periods of extremely low self-worth, self-love, body image, toxic relationships, physical sickness, and an overall victim mentality - and have healed and coached myself out of it all. Through my own journey, I realized the truth of the mind-body connection and learned that everything we see in our lives is based on the way we treat ourselves. Today, I’m passionate about sharing my own learnings and experiences to help others take control of their lives.

  12. What is the best part of the work for you?

    Guiding clients to their own “A-Ha” moment. I believe the point of a coaching relationship is not to heal others, but to help others discover their own ability to heal and grow themselves. It's amazing to see the shifts in energy my clients feel after sessions, leading them to act more confidently and calmly in life than before.

  13. What is unique about the work you do, or how have you found your work to be different than your colleagues’?

    I use PSYCH-K in my sessions, which is a simple, yet powerful tool to transform subconscious beliefs in minutes. My clients usually feel a huge shift within just one session. By combining the subconscious changes (via PSYCH-K) with conscious guidance (via my coaching), we can create new patterns and habits that serve you. Real change happens when we can align your subconscious beliefs with your conscious thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

  14. How do you approach diversity in the room or working with clients who may come from a different background than you?

    As an Asian American woman, I am especially mindful of how cultural conditioning affects the way we perceive life. Our background and upbringing shapes our subconscious beliefs, and that is so important to recognize and explore from the beginning.

  15. How can you tell if I am benefiting from working with you?

    When you are reaching new insights about yourself, feeling and acting with more confidence, feeling yourself moving forward in your life, or reacting more calmly to situations that would have angered or triggered you in the past.

  16. How can you tell if I am feeling stuck, unseen, or unheard?

    If I respond to your issue or question, and you seem unreceptive or unresponsive to what I say, that's usually when we have more digging to do. Also, if you are responding differently than you usually do, that means I may have brushed past something that needs more clarity.

  17. How long should I commit to being in coaching, at least in the beginning?

    It depends on the client, but I would say to start off with 4-sessions, weekly or bi-weekly.

  18. How should I prepare for my first session with you?

    Begin thinking about what you wish to achieve through our coaching relationship and which areas of your life you’d like to focus on. No need to think too deep into it, as your goals may evolve over time!

  19. Do I need to bring anything with me?

    Nope! Just yourself and an open mind and heart.

Client Testimonials:

“I found Kristen to be the perfect person to work with. She’s smart and knows what she’s talking about. She’s intuitive, kind and listens. We worked on many issues I was having and I’m seeing so much change in my life. I would highly recommend Kristen and PSYCH-K. It’s amazing what a shift I’ve made. It’s not like other methods I’ve used because Kristen asked me for evidence that it worked and to actually implement some change myself. So it’s not like someone is doing something to you like a ‘healing’ but you are actively part of the change. I think this difference is important because it means you feel empowered. I’m so pleased I found Kristen and I will definitely work with her again if I need to.” - Sarah S.

See more of Kristen's client testimonials:

“Kristen helped me wake up and realize what I’d been missing in my life: to know that I am worthy of love. Being “worthy of love” was something that just sat in the back of my mind, blocked by my subconscious and the daily stress that arises from my job. I’m glad I’m aware of this now because I’m able to live a more conscious & mindful life!”
-- Kendall B

“Kristen helped me to overcome 3 of my major limiting beliefs using Psych K. She has a beautiful way of holding space for her clients and a kind, loving energy. I was new to the technique and she guided me through the process with patience and warmth. It was amazing to have the session and see that even from a distance, this method can be very powerful. Watching how the subconscious responded to the process was so interesting! After the session, I noticed that I felt lighter and more confident. This feeling has continued in the few days since our session, and I notice my body going through a cleansing process. I recommend her to anyone looking to create shifts in their reality.”
-- Kate C.

“I had a session with Kristen and I have to say the session is really powerful! I'd told her that I know several tools that help with changing beliefs in subconscious but it always felt like there's a lot of things that I need to work on before I can achieve that. With Psych-K, it seems to be a lot easier which is also the reason why I decided to schedule an appointment with Kristen. So during the session, Kristen went through together with me on what we wanted to achieve from the session and she helped me gain a clearer perspective of things. I could literally feel the shift during the session and I have to say, the shift also created awareness of things that weren't clear to me before. I didn't quite expect the shift to be that huge—I am still in the midst of processing things actually! If you're still hesitating whether to engage Kristen then I highly recommend you do.”
-- Angeline K.


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