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Clinical Training / Content Contributor

MyWellbeing is looking for a content contributor to help build a proprietary library of training materials for providers new to their career and beyond.

🧠 About MyWellbeing: You are Unique. Your therapist should be, too.

Today’s world imposes more stress than ever before. We are most resilient together and we are here to ensure that when feeling less than 100%, no one is alone. MyWellbeing is on a mission to bring the highest quality personalized mental health solutions to scale.

We match seekers to the right therapist or coach for them while supporting mental health providers in growing their business and professional community. We have already supported over 1,000+ mental health providers and more than 150,000+ people in their care search. We also reach more than 45 million community members monthly through our accessible, relatable, and educational content and resources. This past may, for Mental Health Awareness Month, we raised significant funds to invest in free mental health for people of color with partners like Bleacher Report, STARZ, Laconia Capital, and more.

We are a remote team with full-timers in NYC, Portland, Austin, and Chicago, driven by our passion for the future of mental health. While we may be distant physically, we're all brand-obsessed and looking for the next go-getter to join our team**.** To read more about our values, matching for clients and other information, please visit our website.

📹 About Contributing Content:

We at MyWellbeing are committed to bringing the same enthusiasm we carry for clinical care to content creation and clinical training. We have had the privilege of working closely with thousands of mental health providers over the years — learning about their training, their expertise, their style — and much of that information is either lost online or is very difficult to find, especially for providers early in their career who are seeking growth and guidance.

We’re here to change that. At MyWellbeing, we will be building a proprietary library of training materials for providers new to their career and beyond.

We know that you are the experts of your trade and can’t wait to partner with you in creating these training materials.

The details:

  • We will begin by offering training materials to full-time associate therapists working at MyWellbeing
  • We do plan to extend this library to the broader MyWellbeing community over time
  • Content contributors are compensated $250 for each 30-60 min video
  • All training will be recorded and shared via video
  • More guidance will be provided upon acceptance
  • All content will be branded, exclusive property of MyWellbeing

💌 How to Apply:

Email Dr. Heather Tahler (Clinical Director) at [email protected]:

  • Use the subject line: “Content Contributor”
  • Include your CV, cover letter, and mention topics you are qualified to provide training on
  • Include what makes you an expert in that area
  • For example (this list is not exhaustive): certificates from CE training, unofficial transcripts, or a brief paragraph in your cover letter explaining your experience
  • Include a 5-10 second introduction video (can be shot on your phone, zoom, etc.)
  • In your cover letter, please include:
  • Why you are interested in content development, areas of interest, and any relevant experience you bring to the table.
  • Please do not exceed 2 pages
  • You are welcome to include in your email any questions you have about the position.

Thank you for your interest in working and growing together. We can’t wait to connect in more depth and to impact the future of mental health, together.

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