Head of Product


Why MyWellbeing?

Current generations are going to therapy more than ever to better manage stress and grow personally and professionally. The problem is that finding the right therapist is really hard.

MyWellbeing solves exactly that—by helping people meet the right therapist for them, while helping therapists build and manage their business.

Alyssa, MyWellbeing’s founder and trained therapist, started MyWellbeing in 2017 because she had a hard time finding her own therapist and knew she was not alone. After helping over 5,000 New Yorkers connect with their therapist and closing its pre-seed round, MyWellbeing is participating this summer in ERA — NYC’s best tech accelerator — and looking forward to expanding its team.

As our Head of Product, you will be an invaluable early member of our team, ready and eager to make an impact on our company and those we serve.

You must be equal parts self-starter and team player. We are seeking a passionate, talented, experienced Product Manager who is interested in taking on an impactful leadership role at a young and quickly growing startup in the mental health and wellness industry.

Unique benefits:

  • Immediate impact of your work

  • Work directly with the founder and become a member of the early team

  • Build technical team around you

  • Change lives through a mission-driven mental health company

  • Make a significant impact at a young and growing startup

  • Grow professionally within NYC’s best tech accelerator

  • CTO round table with other cohort companies in ERA17

Role Focus

  • Monthly iterations of 3, 6, 12 month roadmap

  • Manage offshore development team to execute roadmap

  • Engage in regular customer discovery to:

    • Refine and prioritize product roadmap

    • Gain and document insights on product usage and experience

    • Understanding biggest needs of customers

    • Propose how to alleviate customer needs with technology

    • Test (prove or disprove) customer adoption and satisfaction with proposed technical solution

    • Agile iteration if tests and analytics are proving a product feature is working especially well or poorly

  • Recruit and manage contractors as needed

  • Collaborate with founding team on product strategy



  • 2+ years experience as a product manager at a technology startup

  • Proven track record of:

    • Developing and implementing product roadmap

    • Managing offshore dev team

    • Customer discovery

    • Agile learning and iteration

  • Ability to thrive in a start-up, self-motivate, and own projects end-to-end

  • Eager to make an impact at a young company addressing an important problem

  • Good UX sensibility and understanding of user testing and gathering feedback

  • Passion for health and wellness, particularly mental health

Personal and interpersonal strengths in:

  • Persistence and follow through on commitments: Lives up to verbal and written agreements. Tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.

  • Intelligence: Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information. Brings new ideas to the company.

  • Flexibility/adaptability: Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change.

  • Passionate and purpose-driven. Believes in the mission and vision, particularly when or if things get hard.

  • Professionalism: Cognizant of being a brand rep of My Wellbeing. Acts with courtesy, authenticity, compassion, professionalism.



Apply Now

Email connect@mywellbeing.com with your resume/LinkedIn to apply. We look forward to meeting you.

Alyssa Petersel