Head of Product


Mission and Overview

My Wellbeing is building the platform for personalized emotional health so the millions of Millennials yearning for stronger mental health will know where to go, what to read, and who to talk to in order to feel better. Beginning with compatible lead generation (through which we have already served thousands of seekers and hundreds of providers), My Wellbeing looks forward to expanding into data and analytics, community building, media hosting and sharing, practice management, and more.

As our Head of Product you will be responsible for setting the strategic direction of the product and driving all product initiatives from inception to execution.

You will own all direct responsibilities for our current solution and will be working closely with the executive team and a team of engineers to build roadmaps & run experiments that inform My Wellbeing’s future. Your performance in this role will be measured through user insights and behavior, products that you launch, the way you lead and inspire a team of engineers, and the way you collaborate with non-technical teammates. You must be equal parts self-starter and team player--capable and interested in owning the product roadmap and implementing efficiently while taking into close consideration the perspectives of other team members and the My Wellbeing community of therapists and therapy-seekers.

You will be My Wellbeing’s first in-house, full-time product hire. You will work with a team of engineers to implement our roadmap. We are seeking a passionate, talented product manager with a background in software engineering who is interested in taking on an impactful leadership role at a young and quickly growing startup in the mental health and wellness industry.

Role Focus

  • Customer discovery

    • Identify the biggest pain points for seekers and therapists that can be solved with technology

    • Identifying highs and lows of current product, strengthen the highs and learn from lows and iterate

  • Product roadmapping and specs

    • Recurring 30-60-90 day and 1-year plans

  • Implementation

    • Swiftly implementing specs according to agreed-upon roadmaps

    • Honoring timelines and communicating when faster or slower

    • Identifying bugs and fixing them in timely fashion

    • Working closely with team of engineers to deploy feature sets

  • Leadership, management and strategy

    • Prioritizing which problems to solve first, why and how

    • Communicating development plans, timelines, and progress with other executive teammates

    • Strategizing in-house vs. outsourced

    • Sourcing and managing development team



  • Product management experience at a fast paced technology company

  • Experience managing product teams

  • Experience working on web app, marketplace, SaaS, and onboarding flows

  • Experience goal setting and driving product roadmaps to achieve company goals

  • Execution oriented with the ability to bridge the gap between business and technical stakeholders to effectively and efficiently execute and deliver on a product roadmap

  • Passion for customer interaction, customer development and intellectual curiosity and research skills to extract key customer insights

  • Good UX sensibility and understanding of user testing and gathering feedback

Personal and interpersonal strengths in:

  • Organization and planning: Plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities. Obsession with attention to detail.

  • Strategy: Based on company goals and user insights, come up with and measure key product metrics and KPIs, learn and iterate.

  • Voice of the seeker: Become an expert and a partner to our seekers and therapists to help them solve biggest pain points most efficiently.

  • Collaborate for growth: Partner with the Sales and Customer Success teams at My Wellbeing to drive user acquisition, engagement, and product marketing.

  • Communicative, listening skills: Exceptional communication and presentation skills with the confidence and ability to interact with team members across all departments and levels of the organization. Interest in sharing and receiving both positive and constructive feedback.

  • Persistence and follow through on commitments: Lives up to verbal and written agreements. Tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.

  • Intelligence: Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.

  • Analytical skills: Able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it. Exhibits a strong probing mind and achieves penetrating insights.

  • Proactivity: Acts without being told exactly what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.

  • Flexibility/adaptability: Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and conditions. Copes effectively with complexity and change.

  • Passionate and purpose-driven. Believes in the mission and vision, particularly when or if things get hard.

  • Honesty/integrity: Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Speaks plainly and truthfully.

  • Professionalism: Cognizant of being a brand rep of My Wellbeing. Acts with courtesy, authenticity, compassion, professionalism.



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