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Launching and growing a private practice is hard on your own.

Let us help you:

  • Connect with new, compatible clients

  • Build a community of diverse mental health practitioners to bond with, grow with, and cross-refer to

  • Learn cutting edge clinical knowledge

  • Connect with a network of professional development resources (think: discounted accounting, web development, and more)

  • Reduce stigma in our increasingly important field


Use matching to support your clients:

Clients face tremendous obstacles when searching for a compatible clinician. Most do not know what to look for (87% of clients we guided last year expressed feeling overwhelmed, lost, and confused by the various options), many are burdened by symptoms of anxiety or depression, and many reach out to 10-15 clinicians before receiving a response, building an experience of burn out and fatigue in their search. You probably can viscerally relate to the reality that more choices is not necessarily better, particularly if you are experiencing symptoms of psychological distress.

At My Wellbeing, we provide clients 3 matches at a time, right to their inbox, based on a brief preferences questionnaire they share with us. Our goal is to reduce anxiety as much as possible in the process of meeting you, so that you and the client can determine your rapport together.



Limited time offer: Get your first month free. Apply today.

  • $1200/year*

  • $660/6 months

  • $125/month (3-month minimum)

*Like therapy itself, your membership is an investment. Current My Wellbeing members have shared that throughout their first year, they connect with at least 1 client who more than returns their investment in My Wellbeing membership.

As we prioritize matchmaking, we cannot guarantee any specific number of matches. Beyond the client connections, community members share that connections with each other and the other professional services provided by My Wellbeing are highly valuable.

We collect all payments by electronic invoice. These prices are pre-NY State and NYC sales tax, which will be added to your invoice. Please note: we practice a 10-day cancellation policy.


Policies to be mindful of:

We aim to create and provide an experience that is empowering, seamless, and therapeutic for you and your clients. We ask our members to honor the following practices:

  • Free, brief initial phone consultation for incoming clients to explore your fit together before committing to an in-person session. This reduces the barrier to entry for new clients.

  • Responsiveness: We have observed that the sooner you respond to incoming clients, the more likely they are to move forward with you. We recommend responding to all incoming client inquiries within 24 hours or sooner. We also recommend using a calendar integration to book your phone consultations—we can provide guidance on free, easy-to-use options.

  • 10 day cancellation policy: notification of pause or cancellation 10 days or more before your next invoice


Our “Why”:

We are a community of mental health practitioners and advocates, working to reduce stigma and increase accessibility to mental health care.

Alyssa, My Wellbeing’s founder, trained as a social worker at NYU. Her background is in community organizing, communications and writing, and outpatient mental health (she worked as a social worker on a Brooklyn ACT team, at a psychoanalytic training institute in Manhattan, and in a private group practice in Brooklyn Heights). She is committed to growing My Wellbeing with intention and compassion, with empathy for both client and clinician and inclusion in mind every step of the way.

Alyssa started My Wellbeing largely because she wanted to use it herself. When she began training as a social worker, she took her own therapist search more seriously. Despite her not being in a time of crisis and her being able to understand all of the acronyms, it was still really challenging to get in the room and find the right fit. After working as a social worker and hearing stories of burnout and overwhelm in the therapist search from other clients, she committed to taking the stress out of the therapist search process for both sides.


Hear what your colleagues think of MyWellbeing:

“I leaped into private practice in mid-April of this year and became a member of My Wellbeing in May. It’s now the beginning of September and I have over 20 clients half of which were referred through My Wellbeing. Not only did these clients come ready for therapy, they came ready for the type of work that I do, able to pay my fee scale, available at the same time. It is abundantly clear that Alyssa has perfected the art of therapy match making.  I would highly recommend My Wellbeing to aid in building your practice at whatever stage you are in.”

— LCSW, Financial District

"My Wellbeing has been an incredible asset to boosting my practice.  It is not only an innovative idea, it is helping clients and therapists simplify an overwhelming amount of choices and decisions.  My Wellbeing has been great to me, and I highly recommend Alyssa and her staff; they are compassionate, dedicated professionals who believe in their vital mission to help change lives!  Sign on and watch your practice grow!"

— LCSW, Midtown East

"So about 5 months ago, I was extremely burnt out working as a therapist at an outpatient clinic full time, working an 85 client caseload and I desperately needed a change in my life. I worked with a colleague to open our own private practice.

Those weeks leading up to leaving my full time job were some of the scariest in my adult life. We all know how scary this "leap" can be and the pressures that come with it. That first month I learned of My Wellbeing and met with Alyssa, this was the first day my anxiety started to decrease. Alyssa was so warm and accommodating and not only offered this incredible service to help me match with clients but she also offered me a community of therapists, rental space if needed and offered any help we needed for our website and social media presence to help make it the best it could be.

Ever since, I'm now 5 months in with My Wellbeing and my new practice, I have 18 clients, 10 are referrals from My Wellbeing! All the referrals were able to fit into my schedule and were willing to work with me with my fees.  My anxiety has since completely subsided (most of the time haha), I know if a client leaves my practice for whatever reason, in a couple of weeks I will hear from Alyssa for another new client. That feeling alone is priceless.

The clients have all matched really well with me and the work we have accomplished has been incredible. I truly recommend this service, in many ways My Wellbeing helped me build my practice and helped me gain my life back. Couldn't be happier!”

— LMHC, Financial District

"A few months ago, I attended a networking event that was hosted by Alyssa Petersel, founder of My Wellbeing. After about 5 minutes of talking to the other therapists, I felt like I was now apart of a family. Everyone was so knowledgeable and passionate about their practice. They were open to share their experiences within private practice and welcomed the opportunity to support others in such an authentic way.

I immediately signed up and since then I still feel like more than just a therapist on the site...I feel like I’m apart of a family that wants to heal the world one client at a time. Alyssa sends us personal emails to refer a client, she hears my concerns and updates me on events and progress within the organization. The trainings are free and they speak to everyday modern psychotherapy practices. The clients I receive have gone through a consultation process, have been long standing and more importantly welcome change within their lives.

I’m a member of 3 sites and My Wellbeing has truly changed the game for my practice. My revenue has increased and knowing that I have a supportive team of therapists behind me makes a huge difference for my emotional growth and my practice. I have enjoyed my experience thus far and I will be a lifelong member."

— LMSW, Brooklyn Heights



If there is anything you have questions about, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or questions: kayla@mywellbeing.com

Thank you for your interest in My Wellbeing and for the important work that you do. We look forward to connecting soon!

-- Alyssa, Kayla and the My Wellbeing team


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