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Couples Therapy

Ryan Ward

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of therapy in which you meet with a therapist with your partner. This care can be in-person or virtual through the form of telehealth. If you are having difficulties with your partner, you can seek couples therapy to help strengthen your relationship.

This form of this therapy can include marriage counseling, premarital counseling, or family therapy. It is typically a short-term form of therapy to work through issues together.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

There are a number of benefits to starting couples therapy and seeing a therapist in general. Here a few of the key reasons you'd choose couples therapy over other types of therapy.


One of the most important couples therapy is improving communication between couples. Sometimes couples problems start due to lack of communication. It can be easy to get into a routine of not communicating. You get home from work feel like there's nothing to say, or that your parent already knows how things are going. It seems harmless, but it can create a rift with your partner.


Another key benefit is trust building, especially for couples who have undergone trust-breaking incidents. One of the most important foundations in any relationship and things like lying or infidelity can severely crack that foundation.

A couples therapist can help both parties to regain trust in a positive way and keep the relationship moving forward.

Coping Mechanisms

Not every relationship can be perfect all the time, and it's important to know how to handle disputes or miscommunications. A couples therapist will help you and your partner leave session with concrete skills or coping mechanisms that you can use outside of session

These healthy coping mechanisms will benefit both parties and help solve conflict rather than exasperate them.


Finally, the main reason a couple would want to start therapy is to feel more connect. With couples therapy, you can work with your partner to connect deeper, communicate better, ignite a romantic spark in your relationship and so much more.

Is Couples Therapy Right for Me?

If you’re wantingto work through issues with your partner, then couples therapy could be right for you both. If you're wanting to work through things more related to your own individual issues, then individual therapy could be a better starting point. However, couples therapy can be a great place to start if most of your main concerns relate to your relationship.

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Couples Therapy


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