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Individual Therapy

Ryan Ward

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual psychotherapy is a form of therapy in which you meet with a therapist alone for individualized care. This care can be in-person or virtual through the form of telehealth. There are many different approaches to individual therapy, and it is important to find a therapist that practices in a way that resonates with you and the issues you'd like to speak with them about.

Individual therapy is a type of psychotherapy is what most people think of when they picture attending therapy. It can be offered by private therapists, hospitals, mental health clinics, or community centers. Generally speaking, individual therapy is best if you're wanting someone to provide targeted assistance versus attending group therapy that would include multiple other people.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

There are a number of benefits to starting individual therapy and seeing a therapist. Here a few of the key reasons you'd choose individual therapy over other types of therapy.


One of the most important benefits is that your provider will be focused solely on you and what you are experiencing in your sessions. With individualized care, you will have the floor for your sessions versus something like group therapy, where a therapist must engage with many different clients during the session.


In individual therapy, you'll be receiving fully personalized care from your therapist. Your therapist will be listening to you and your experiences and responding appropriately depending on their work and practiced modality.


Once you start individualized therapy, you will be about to make strides in terms of personal growth. Additionally, your therapist will most likely check-in periodically after a period of sessions to chat through and reflect on the growth you've had to date.


As with any therapy, your sessions will be fully confidential. Couples and group therapy are also confidential, but in individual therapy, it will just be you and your therapist speaking in a safe space. Anything you share with them won't be shared with anyone else.


Generally speaking a big perk of working with a therapist for individual therapy is being able to build a connection and feel comfortable with your provider. This will make it easier to be vulnerable and open during your therapy sessions and speak openly about your experiences with them.

Is Individual Therapy Right for Me?

If you’re wanting focused and individualized care for your own personal growth, then individual therapy could be right for you. If you're wanting to work through things more related to your romantic relationship or family, then couples or family therapy could be a better fit for you. However, individual therapy can always be a great place to start before transitioning to therapy with others involved in the process.

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Individual Therapy


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