Practitioner Success

Welcome to My Wellbeing. We are so grateful to welcome you to the community of participating practitioners. Below are a few helpful tips, tools, and policies to set you up for success with My Wellbeing.

My Wellbeing cancellation policy

My Wellbeing memberships are:

  • $125/month when month-to-month

  • $660/6 months ($110/month)

  • $1200/year ($100/month)

If you choose month-to-month, your first month will be pro-rated, your billing cycle will take place on the first of each following month, and you can cancel your membership any time 10 days before the next billing cycle.

If you cancel within 10 days of your next billing cycle, you will be charged for the next month and your cancellation will kick in the following month. We ask for these 10 days to ensure that any clients who are connected with you do not fall through the cracks. Thank you for your understanding.

Numbers and expectations

  •  Based on a fee as low as $100/session, you will earn your yearly membership back in only 12 sessions with 1 client

  • My Wellbeing currently matches about 400 clients per month

  • As of October 2018, we work with about 85 clinicians in NYC

  • About 1 in 4 client connections (clients who receive your information to their inbox) book a phone consultation. If your client does not follow through, not to worry: it does not necessarily mean anything is wrong with your practice or the client. The client may be experiencing some anxiety or ambivalence, or may have run into a budget problem. It’s also possible they will reach out in the coming weeks or months as things settle.

  • About 94% of clients who participate in a phone consultation go on to book another in-person appointment with that clinician

  • Clinicians on average begin working with about 4.5 new clients in their first 3 months with My Wellbeing. This number varies according to things like your fee, gender, specialty, issue areas, and more.

  • Clinicians who offer a sliding scale between $80-125 experience the most traffic

To adjust your fee or any other profile information, please connect with a My Wellbeing representative by email.

Important client status updates

It is very helpful for us at My Wellbeing if we know how our matches are doing, and how you are doing. When you are communicating with and moving forward with client matches, please email Alyssa ( when:

  • A phone consult is requested/scheduled

  • A phone consult occurs

  • A first appointment is scheduled

  • A first appointment is attended

  • A second appointment is scheduled

  • A second appointment is attended

Important practitioner updates

We offer our monthly Practitioner Newsletter as a resource for you to both learn about discounts, offerings and updates from My Wellbeing, as well as to share your own! Please email with anything you would like to be included in the next therapist update, which goes out to all My Wellbeing members once per month. Some of these things might include:

  • Workshops

  • Groups

  • Teachings

  • Professional development (business or clinical)

  • Discounts to services or brand products for you and your practice

  • Updates in My Wellbeing’s technology or community

  • Opportunities to connect with My Wellbeing partner companies or corporate wellness

  • Opportunities to learn from business management experts

  • Opportunities to sign up for business coaching

  • Peer supervision

  • Group supervision (seeking or offering)

And more!