We are grateful to work with over 100 of New York City’s best therapists and integrative coaches and practitioners.

Practitioners we work with are trained in various techniques and come from diverse backgrounds. On average, practitioners we work with agree to offer My Wellbeing seekers exclusive discounts to their session fees. Please learn more about sliding scale and how to talk with your therapist about it here.

We specialize in matchmaking outside of insurance. Among various reasons, our mission is to ensure that you connect with a practitioner who is attentive, present, and uniquely trained and experienced to help you and your particular needs. Insurance puts many strains on your treatment and limits your options. Instead, we focus on fit, quality, privacy, and your own empowerment.

Matching comes at no cost to you. Session fees are paid to your practitioner directly when you begin working together.

Sherry Amatenstein

Joe Atanasio

Jesse Barbalato

Samantha Barkoff

Francesca Baslow

Raymond Batista

Julia Baum

Landis Bejar

Jennifer Benetato

Mariel Berry

Liza Blank

Mary Borys

Francesca Brody

Jenn Burich

Ariel Carson

Christine Carville

Annie Chanler

Judy Choix

Jill Cohen

Lauren D’Ambrosio

Elizabeth Dederick

Mari Dickerson

Haley Eakin

Arianna Eisenberg

Lauren Fasanella

Shimmy Feintuch

Erin Finnerty

Cristina Fort Garcés

Jamie Genatt

Rebecca Gerstein

Jessica Glynn

Shama Goklani

Rachael Goldberg

Carla Goodman

Richard Handibode, Jr.

Johna Hansen

Claire Hapke

Candice Harper

Sarah Hartzell

Melissa Hefferan

Sheri Heller

Shira Hon-Lahav

Lauren Horn

David Horne

Katie Johntz

Dede Kammerling

Jennifer Katz

Sean Kensing

Vanessa Kensing

Ruschelle Khanna

Christie Kim

George Kingsley

Abbi Klein

Emmy Kleine

Sharyn Kline-Felix

Sam Lee

Jennifer Lepke

Melissa Lesan

Elizabeth Liekar

Gerson Lovera

Mary Mahoney

Flora Margolis

Roberta Marin

Owen Mazon

Carolyn McCandlish

Madison McCullough

Marissa McMillin

Sarah Meckler

Lynn Mirabito

Kacie Mitterando

Dina Molina

Imani Movvi

Raina Murphy

Thomas Neuschul

Gabbie Newman

Daniel Olavarria

Dean Olsher

Olivia Orley

Elaine Oswald

Alison Pepper

Jesse Pietroniro

Lauren Powledge

Therese Ragen

Alex Rascovar

Rebecca Reischer

Zoe Reyes

Joshua Ring

Stefanie Robison

Melanie Robinson

Adriana Ruvalcaba

Melissa Samuel

Jay Sandys

Toby Schwartz

Zach Shapiro

Gerard Shaw

Ariella Soffer

Jim Stangarone

Edie Stark

Michelle Spellacy

Edie Stark

Kamille Stine

Ronald Jason Styka

Robert Sullivan

Yanette Tactuk

Marc Tallent

Travis Tanner

Paul Triggs

Samantha Waldman

Michael Waldon

James Wells

Nick Werber

Raquele Williams

Hannah Wineburgh

Irene Zelterman