How To Build Resilience in the Face of Challenge


"I arrive at the conference center tired and distracted, aware of the gnawing anxiety that has been with me since starting my new job months earlier. 'Who am I—feeling this way—to be teaching about resilience?' I wonder. As I scan the presentation space, taking deep breaths to calm my nerves, I also remember, 'Who else?'

Resilience is not about eliminating anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. Cultivating resilience allows us to face these and other stressful experiences with greater confidence, so we have the resources to bounce back. This article provides an introduction to tools and resources for building resilience and working with, rather than avoiding or distancing from, the realities that confront us."

Elizabeth Whitney, MSW, LICSW, writes about her own journey to finding resilience, particularly within social work, and how others can learn from her experience to tap into their own ability to weather the ups and downs of work and life. Read more through The New Social Worker magazine.

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