Remember to Heal Yourselves, Social Workers Urge


On the topic of self-care for social workers, Karen Flint Stipp, MSW, PhD, and Kyle Miller, MEd, PhD, share:

"Attunement to the humanness we share with clients supports our seeking out the physical and emotional care all humans require. Attunement to the unsettled effects of trauma's contagion supports our own resilience. Self-attunement, variously called self-awareness, self-engagement, or mindfulness, is foundational to the ordinary magic of our own resilience (Masten). Resilience allows social workers and clients to manage ordinary stressors, as well as traumas from violent events or insecure attachment. Further, resilience allows social workers to manage the trauma contagion of our work, as we continue in relationships that support clients' healing, growth, and learning..."

Read Flint Stipp and Miller's full piece in Social Work Today here.

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