Meet My Wellbeing Therapist Claire


Hello New York! I'm Claire, and I'm a therapist in NYC. I see individuals and couples, and love my job. If you don't have experience with therapy, it can seem like a weird concept. “So I’m supposed to go into a room with a stranger and tell them what’s troubling me? Ya, right”...

...I get it. 

But once you get past those first instances of “should I really share THAT?” and “what will they think of me once I tell them THIS?” going to therapy is hard not to love. In my own therapy, I relish being able to talk through some of the obstacles I'm facing with someone who doesn't know any of the players in my game.

It's so helpful to have an hour that is all mine, where I don't have to worry about anyone, or anything, but me.

It's so eye-opening to hear the perspective of someone who has been with me for weeks, piecing together patterns, reflecting what they've gathered that I may not see myself. My therapist doesn't have a horse in the race, and is listening to my every word. They won't give me the stock response I tend to hear from friends or family. They're honest, they're rooting for me, and they're there to help me come to know and accept myself, just as I am.

As a therapist, on the other side, I feel so much joy and privilege building relationships with people. My favorite part about being a therapist is offering you space to open up and explore your life and potential. Yes, it can be hard. And yes, it can be emotional. Over time, though, the relationship we build together can help you conquer those scary, seemingly impossible moments. That, to me, is more fulfilling than I can put into words.

So, join me. Or, find a therapist who mirrors you and your needs. We could all use a little more space, and a little more support.

To learn more about me and my area of therapy practice, visit my website.

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