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What is Meant by “Sliding Scale” and How To Talk to Your Therapist About Accessing It

Today, Kayla breaks down what a sliding scale is and how someone can ask for one. A sliding scale is one option for therapy-seekers to access therapy at a lower price than a therapist’s usual fee, based on the seeker’s particular circumstances, and the therapist’s commitment to improve access for those who need it. Read on to learn more.

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What Are Out of Network Benefits and How Can They Help You Save Money?

Insurance and fee are top-of-mind for almost all of us. It can be very challenging to fully understand all of the terms involved and all of the options available to you. ​​​​​​​Today, we'd like to change that. Read on to learn more about this thing called "Out of Network" benefits and how they may help you access high-quality care for less.

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