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Therapist Q&A: Michael Discusses Therapy, Mindfulness, and Meaning-Making

We are excited today to introduce you to Michael Waldon, a therapist working within a group practice in New York City. We're inspired by Michael's holistic approach, empathy for others, and foundation in research and spirituality. Read on to learn more about Michael and feel free to reach out to him directly (contact info at end of piece) to book an appointment.

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Guest Post: Being Seen is a Scary Proposition

In order for us to do the hard work of transcending the deeply ingrained patterns of shame and fear - patterns that often have significant influence on our self-perception and, in turn, our behavior - we need to gain a deeper understanding of these reactions. To begin to do this, we need to learn to comfort and show compassion for these parts of ourselves, rather than treat our fear and shame with the same anger and dismissal with which they were met in our childhood.

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