Coaching with Geraldine Anathan

  1. From your perspective, what is coaching? 


    Coaching is a rich experience which allows the client to access their true potential in a way that is supportive, swift, and insightful. We all have the answers inside us, but sometimes society, circumstances, or misconceptions cloud our access to that “inner guru.” Coaching peels away the layers that keep us bound. 


    2. Please share 2-3 anonymized examples of how the work can play out and/or look in the room so that I can form a visual or narrative of what to expect.


    We are on equal ground. I am not here to analyze you or tell you what to do. Let’s say you have an important decision to make. As a coach, I will drill down to understand exactly what you want to have by the end of our session. Can you make the decision today? How will you know the decision is the right one? What resources do you need to make that decision? If you had to make that decision right NOW, what would you do? How will we measure that the decision is right for you, over time? 


    Situation: You’ve been struggling with a big project, and just can’t get it off the ground. First we’ll assess what’s really going on. What is your WHY on this project? What gets you excited about it? On a 1-10 scale, how committed are you to doing this project–perhaps someone else or something else is behind your involvement. If you’re at a 6 or 7, what will get you to a 9? Next we’d take a look at how you spend your time, how you spend your energy, and we’d apply some wonderful techniques to create an environment where you are laser focused on your project. 


    In both of these examples, there will be overlaps of coaching, neuro-science, and therapeutic techniques, but that’s for me to assess. You can just be your most real you, and be assured that by the end of each session, and the end of our coaching journey together, you will be so much closer to the result that you desire. 


    3. Are there any philosophies or values that inform your work that I should know about? 

    Inner Guru Coaching was born from the intersection of several of my favorite subjects; psychology, motivation, health, wellness, brain science, and loosely, Buddhism. The Buddha would tell you that all his achievements came from within himself, not from any other external source or power. That inner knowing is what I call your Inner Guru! 

    4. How much do you share about yourself during our time together and why? 

    Our time together is about you, however I am happy to answer questions as they pertain to the material of your desired outcomes and potential challenges if I believe that exchange will help you move forward. 

    5. How participatory are you during sessions? 

    Most coaches, as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF), are not guides or consultants. However, my philosophy is that if I have tools, experiences, or suggestions that I feel will help you, I will offer them to you, with your permission. 

    6. Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not? 

    Yes. Practice and action are what create change, progress, and engagement. 

    7. If I have never been to coaching before, what should I expect? How do I know if I should go, and how do I start?

    Coaching is an ongoing, forward-moving conversation between Client and Coach. Your coach will unconditionally support you, and will have the highest regard for and faith in your potential. 


    Although you may be nervous to start a new relationship, the rewards are mutual and measurable. Consider it a new adventure. 

    8. How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones? 

    Some topics and challenges are just not meant to be aired with close or intimate others. Typically, the coaching relationship will enhance your other relationships by allowing you to be more clear on who you are and what you want, so you can be present and engaged with others. 

    9. Is there ever a time when you would encourage me to leave or graduate? Or how do I know when it’s time to end or move on, or time to stay and explore more? 

    Coaching typically has a timeframe–6 or 12 months (sometimes 3 months). The reason for this is that we want to be able to measure progress from beginning to end, in one or more of the focus areas we define for you. 50% of my clients renew for another cycle. Topics of focus can change mid-cycle, and that’s okay! 

    10. Where did you work before going into private practice? 

    I owned a yoga studio in Provincetown, MA (I still do) and coached refugees in Thailand and Myanmar. Before that, I owned a real estate sales and development company. 

    11. Have you received any particular training beyond your post-Bachelor’s training? 

    Yes I have several certifications in coaching, psychology, hypnosis, etc. You can see those on my website. 

    12. Do you have experience (5-10 years+) working with any types of obstacles or people in particular?  

    I have a very diverse client portfolio, but have many clients who are female and struggling with confidence issues, work and relationship dynamics, and self-limiting beliefs. Many of my clients have their own businesses or the desire to work for themselves. 

    13. What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner? 

    As a young person I always wanted to be a psychologist. When I was 9 I subscribed to Psychology Today. :) Inner Guru Coaching was born from the intersection of several of my favorite subjects; psychology, motivation, health, wellness, brain science, and loosely, Buddhism. 

    14. What is the best part of the work for you? 

    Making a difference in the lives of others, having impact. Hearing from my clients months and years after they “graduate,” and learning about their successes. 

    15. How can you tell if I am benefiting from working with you? 

    As we begin our coaching relationship, together we will define measures that show you are moving toward your goals. We will assess these throughout our time together. 

    16. How can you tell if I am feeling stuck, unseen, or unheard? 

    If I sense you are stuck or not present, I will inquire. 

    17. How long should I commit to being in coaching, at least in the beginning? 

    I recommend 6 months minimum for sustainable results. 

    18. How should I prepare for my first session with you? 

    I send a Discovery Form prior to our session. 

    19. Do I need to bring anything with me? 

    Just you and your willingness to engage in coaching! 

    20. What forms of payment do you accept? 

    Credit card, cash 

    21. Do I need to be mindful of anything in particular while commuting to your office? 

    No, I will send detailed, easy instructions. 


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