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Therapy with Judy

  1. From your perspective, what is therapy? 

    I am a Gestalt therapist who works relationally.  My “work” is to facilitate a clients’ awareness around maladaptive patterns so that they are not trapped in old patterns that no longer serve them.  

    I am a body psychotherapist, which means I include attention to emotions and sensations to bring about true and lasting healing.

  2. Please share 2-3 anonymized examples of how the work can play out and/or look in the room so that I can form a visual or narrative of what to expect.

    When a client explains a conflict or situation that needs resolution, one of the questions I will ask is for them to pay attention to where and what they are feeling as they relay the information. 

    As we sit with emotions and sensations there is greater clarity and resolution.            

  3. How much do you share about yourself during our time together and why?

    In session I will share any aspect of my life experience that I think will enhance the client’s understanding of their situation.  

  4. How participatory are you during sessions? 


  5. Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

    Healing happens on many levels. Being an active participant in one’s healing process often means showing up differently in life in between sessions, trying new things on. Visualizations, meditations, exercises, and recommendations for life scheduling are often given.

  6. How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones?

    Friends and loved ones have a perspective that makes them biased when giving advice or guidance.  My work is to facilitate an experience of your inner knowing so that eventually your internal experience begins to guide. You become more confident and self assured in the process. 

  7. Is there ever a time when you would encourage me to leave or graduate? Or how do I know when it’s time to end or move on, or time to stay and explore more?

    Yes, when you begin to recognize your patterns and correct them on your own, it’s time to leave.  With that in mind, life can get complicated and one is always welcomed to come back. 

  8. Where did you work before going into private practice?  

    I worked as a school counselor and at a Gestalt clinic before opening my own practice.

  9. Have you received any particular training beyond your post-Bachelor’s training?

    I am always training. I am certified in Gestalt therapy, Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (master study in body psychotherapy) and yoga.  

    Other studies include: polarity therapy, cranial sacral therapy, bodynamics, and coherence therapy to name a few.

  10. Do you have experience (5-10 years+) working with any types of obstacles or people in particular?  

    Yes, trauma.

  11. What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

    My love of learning about the many ways in which we heal, body, mind and Spirit and a passion to help others access their inner wisdom to do so led me to become a mental healthcare practitioner. 

  12. What is the best part of the work for you?

    Watching clients live fuller and happier lives.

  13. What is unique about the work you do, or how have you found your work to be different than your colleagues’?

    My work includes a lot of education around what is happening in your body, brain, and in your energy field so that you can recognize the energies that are working and those that are not.

  14. How do you approach diversity in the room or working with clients who may come from a different background than you?

    Attunement is the most important part of the therapeutic relationship.  Proper attunement requires a deep presence, listening and unconditional regard which I bring to our alliance. 

  15. How can you tell if I am benefiting from working with you?

    Your relationship to yourself, others and life will get better

  16. How can you tell if I am feeling stuck, unseen, or unheard?

    Nothing will get better and there will be a deadness in our interaction. 

  17. How long should I commit to being in therapy, at least in the beginning?

    That depends on why you are seeking therapy and is evaluated by us in the beginning of therapy.

  18. How should I prepare for my first session with you? 

    Think about what brings you to therapy, what your goals are and how your life would be different if therapy was working.

  19. Do I need to bring anything with me? 


  20. Do I need to be mindful of anything in particular while commuting to your office?


Client Testimonials:

“Judy is a gifted therapist and healer.

It's easy enough to talk the talk, as many therapists do.

Judy truly walks the walk, drawing from her own real world experience outside of therapeutic trainings as well as her own practices. She's fully present and her senses are attuned to subtlety. She meets me where I am (it varies session to session) and understands when I need a push versus when I need to slow down—which is something I myself have a hard time discerning. I'd recommend Judy to anyone who is ready for deep healing, but especially to someone who has done a good deal of work already and feels stuck. She's the real deal.”

See more of Judy's client testimonials:

“What brought me in to therapy? A desperate need to be seen. Therapy, counseling, or really seeking help from an external source is not looked upon favorably by my family or by the culture, race, and religion that I grew up in. We are taught to carry our own burdens and worries with himat, or strength. But I had lost all strength and hope in myself and in my relationships. I had a nagging feeling that my only real hope was to find someone who I could connect with and who could actually see me. I will never forget the day that I met Judy.

I rushed to the office and was very anxious about how I would be perceived. I sat in a quiet and comfortable setting, and was met with such a warm and alert face. Judy sat right across from me and never lost eye contact. My first intake was like opening up the floodgates. Despite going over-time, Judy was not bothered and made sure she got all the details down. It was the first time that I ever felt safe in a long time. At the end of our session, Judy told me that she understood that it took a lot of courage for me to share information with her and to begin therapy.

I knew at that moment that gaining himat was not something someone does alone. I gained that strength and courage in collective sessions with Judy.

For someone who has not grown up in my culture and has not faced my struggles, it was so powerful to cross the boundaries of race, religion, gender, politics, etc together and find common ground. We were two completely different people with different backgrounds, yet she understood all the cultural and racial nuances and dynamics that played a part in my life. That is such an incredibly rare quality and skill to have. It is clear that Judy truly works on herself and in practicing what she preaches in her daily life. For me, that is how she built trust with me.

I could honestly go on and on.
Through her practice, Judy has helped me:

From our sessions in her office, finishing my professional school, to the work I did abroad with refugees—Judy has been there to show me how to be an effective advocate, professional, and compassionate human being who can help others while remaining solid within myself. Her hands on approach is truly unique. There is nothing that can get past her without analysis, and I appreciate all the times she has kept me in check. At the same time, she will literally show you yoga moves to help with your anxiety in her office.

As I reflect back and continue to mull over the role therapy has had in my life, I realize that the biggest thing I gained from my sessions with Judy was the courage to see myself.

After two wonderful years of therapy with Judy, I have made a huge step towards my perfect job, being independent, and having awareness of myself and others around me.

Thank you for everything, Judy.”

“I have seen many different therapists over the years, and I have never made more personal growth than I have with Judy. In the past, I have always felt like I was simply "venting" my struggles, but Judy has helped me get to the root of those struggles and address them head on. She makes me feel valued as a person, but more importantly, she has helped me see the value in myself. I have never felt more confident, at peace and proud of who I am. Judy always reminds me of how much work I have done and how much I have grown, but I have her to thank for showing me that I was capable of doing it.”

“To begin, I have met with several different therapists in my lifetime. I can be a tough critic and it’s difficult for me to settle for a sub par therapist, because I find healing and mental health to be crucial. I feel truly blessed that I became connected with Judy as I look back over the year that I have worked with her and see how far I’ve come. Judy provided the safety and nurturance I needed in order to uncover old wounds and overcome repeated obstacles. She is gifted with the art of language and can speak to me about new ways of seeing. We have used various Gestalt experiments in sessions which create a particular type of movement that other therapies lack. Her background in other modalities, physicality in particular, has also shaped my perspective on how to mobilize my own internal resources as a means of support, curiosity, and care. What I treasure though, most of all, is the abundance of warmth I feel from her in every session. Judy is someone who was meant to do this kind of work and I’ve felt my own life shift because of this. I have already recommended Judy to several people I know and will continue to do so! She is sincerely a gem of a human being and I’m grateful I have her in my corner.”

“Judy is a gift. I am so fortunate to have met judy at a difficult crossroads in my life.
She approaches the healing process as a collaborative partnership. She listens so attentively to what I bring to our sessions and together we discover the issues behind those words. We work through deep trauma and everyday stresses, alike. She helps me locate my voice when I feel mute, and reclaim my power when I feel weak. Judy's skill set is dynamic and vast; her generosity of spirit so far exceeds what I ever expected. Knowing Judy, I never feel alone in facing a problem. She is truly gifted at this healing work!”


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