6 Things Leaders Should and Shouldn't Do


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Company leaders must be purposeful, positive and productive to encourage a positive organizational culture, notes S. Chris Edmonds in this blog post and video, originally shared by the NASW SmartBrief. It's also important to avoid discounting, demeaning or dismissing people and their work.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Mind your Ps and Qs”? Here is a twist on that -- three Ps and three Ds that leaders must pay attention to.

These Ps and Ds have a huge impact on the quality of your work culture. Why should you care? Because your work culture drives engagement, service, and results, for better or worse!

Culture matters in every organization, whether you have a small team, a huge multinational, or any size or type of organization in between.

You’ve seen these Ps and Ds -- and their impact -- in your work cultures over time.

The Ps? Purposeful, positive and productive. Effective leaders craft a purposeful, positive, productive work culture with intention and attention.

The Ds? Discounting, demeaning and dismissing. There is no faster way to eroding engagement, service, and results in a workplace than by discounting, demeaning or dismissing others’ ideas, efforts, and accomplishments.

The challenge is that the three Ds are much more prevalent in our work environments (and homes and communities and social media platforms, etc.) than the three Ps.

In today’s three-minute Culture Leadership Charge video episode created exclusively for SmartBrief readers, I specify the benefits of the three Ps, the damage caused by the three Ds, and what leaders must do daily to ensure you embed the Ps and exterminate the Ds.

There’s no middle ground. If you want the Ps, you must eliminate the Ds. Live and reinforce the Ps while quashing any instances of the Ds, and you’ll be on your way to a purposeful, positive and productive work culture.

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