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Free Online Mental Health Event with 14+ Top Experts

  • Mental Health Summit 2019 Online: (map)

Join us at the 2019 Mental Health Summit, a FREE online event featuring video interviews and presentations with 15 top experts in the mental health field - social workers, PhD’s, registered dietitians, entrepreneurs, and people who have overcome some serious setbacks and made it through and prospered (including Alyssa, our very own Founder and CEO!)

The summit is going live April 9-11th and includes interviews with leaders who have been featured in Forbes, Glamour, Allure, Business Insider, and many more!

When you sign up to attend the free online summit, you’ll get access to my full interview and 14+ other interviews featuring never before seen advice from people like:

  • Steven Dziedzic, founder of the Lasting app

  • Sarah Nicole Landry, body-positivity and self-love influencer behind The Birds Papaya

  • Davida Lederle, founder of the popular website The Healthy Maven

  • Rachael Steil, advocate and author behind Running in Silence: My Drive for Perfection and the Eating Disorder That Fed It

  • David Susman, PhD Clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, professor, blogger

  • And many more…

You can RSVP and claim your spot right here.

Whether you’re dealing with your own mental health issues, are close to someone who is, or are just looking for ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of life, learning how to love and care for yourself is an integral part of our lives. The lessons, tactics, and advice you’ll learn at the summit can be applied to any person.

You know what’s even better? You can watch from home, at work, in the mornings, or during the evenings. Plus, if you decide to sign up for the All Access Pass, you’ll get lifetime access to all of the videos and tons more.

Just make sure to register and grab your free ticket to the event.

Join us by signing up right here.