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Ruth Kyle, LPC

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If you are hurting and exhausted from grief and loss, I can help you with the heavy "work" of grief. If you are getting ready to get married, I can help you get a good, solid start - having those difficult conversations and learning healthy communication skills. If you are already married, I can help you with your goals to have a stronger, safer marriage. If you just want to be sure you're on track with your goals and the methods you are using to achieve them, we can talk. You are the best expert on you, so I want to come alongside and help you with the parts that are getting in the way of your goals for mental wellness and your ability to function in the way that you would like. If you've never been to counseling, I look forward to greeting you and helping you feel safe in sharing your story with me. If you have been to counseling before, you may already have some goals in mind. Whatever brings you here, we can work together. My office is a safe calm space with no expectations except your honesty. Nothing gets better until we name it and call it out for what it is. My experience with ages 13 and up, individual, marital, premarital, couples, and life transition events, give me a variety of tools to draw on to help you find your path forward. We will look at patterns and situations and I can help you identify areas of potential change or growth. Sometimes that means we have to make sense of all the pieces that don't seem to be pertinent to your situation. There will often be homework to help you in expanding your growth process out of session. Get off the fence and contact me. Let's get started!

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Get to Know Ruth

"Every time I talk to Mrs. Ruth, I feel like I've been given a breath of fresh air. She is on board with my goals and keeps me on track. "

LM, Client

"I went to couples counseling and was apprehensive. Counseling with Mrs. Ruth went much better than I thought and made me reconsider my views on counseling and want to seek help as an individual. "

JC, Client

"She is the best. I can tell you she was meant to do this!!!!!!! She listens and is sincere. She wants to help people and it shows. "

Lewis (parent), Client

"I can’t recommend Mrs. Kyle enough. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. If you need someone to talk with, Ruth is your gal! "

Kathy Lollar, Colleague

How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones?

Friends and loved ones want to maintain a relationship with you, and so my often tell you what they think you want to hear in order to avoid your discomfort. Our relationship is professional, and so sometimes you will be uncomfortable. Nothing ever gets better until we name it and call it out. My job is to not back away from your discomfort, instead to use it as a growth opportunity towards your goals.

What is the best part of the work for you?

All people need a safe person and space, so knowing that I am a safe person, creating a safe space for the work ahead,is the best part of what I do. Helping people move toward becoming the person God had in mind when He created them is a wonderful feeling.

What is unique about the work you do, or how have you found your work to be different than your colleagues'?

One of my focuses is on grief and grief related issues such as abortion, divorce and death. I also work with those in stage of life transitions such as starting college, or adjusting to elderly parents moving in because they can no longer adequately care for themselves. My work with couples allows me to help couples get ready for marriage through premarital counseling, and to help couples learn how to be emotionally safe in their marriage or relationship. While I am a Christian who is a counselor, it will not be my intent to beat anyone up with the Bible. I can incorporate as much or as little as you desire.

If I have never been to therapy before, what should I expect? How do I know if I should go, and how do I start?

If you have never been to therapy before, that's okay! I offer a free 20 minute consultation. This allows us to discuss your goals and you can have a sense of my style of interaction.It's also a great time to get more information about the process and ask questions. I recommend weekly therapy sessions to get established.

Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

That depends on your goals, however, I do have some assignments and books that I suggest that all my clients complete/read.

How should I prepare for my first session with you?

Be prepared for a 90 minute initial session in order to have time to review paperwork and ask questions, which is usually about a 20 - 30 minute process. This allows a full 60 minutes for a session. If you have any documentation regarding any additional information I need to have, I need that as well. Come prepared to be as open and honest as possible. Nothing ever gets better unless we bring it out, examine it and call it by name.