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I am a licensed Clinical Social worker who sees clients in NYC and NJ through video conferencing. I work with couples and adults. My clients include people who are dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, dating issues, personality disorders, addictions, co-dependency and relationship difficulties. My work with couples focuses on their communication and their struggles with their relationship. My approach is based on the belief propounded by Milton Erickson, MD that we have the resources to heal ourselves within, and that the therapist serves as a catalyst to help the client access their inner healing power. I uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing and the stages of change approach to habit cessation and relapse prevention. My training in hypnotherapy provides the backdrop to my approach to mindfulness. Clients are taught self-hypnosis to assist in combating reactivity and impulsiveness. I believe that therapy provides a safe practice space to learn and practice new skills, which are then used in the client's world when real life situations arise. I look forward to connecting with you. Please message me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation and/or learn more about me through my MyWellbeing profile and this video: https://youtu.be/ygGzNhJfxQ4.

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"Your Search Is Over 5 years ago If you are looking for a professional with years of experience and knowledge, look no further! I was fortunate to have had the guidance and understanding of Ms. Libby, during a very difficult time in my life. I was dealing with alcoholism, anxiety and depression, as well as family issues stemming from these problems. She was able to guide me in the right direction and help me to find constructive solutions to my issues. She helped me to start a new way of life which I will be forever grateful for. I can honestly say that "today I have a life I never knew existed"."

Jo Carol, Client

"she understood and was always there 5 years ago I suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression for years due to an event that occurred later in life. I had gone to several therapists and psychiatrists over several years. Some took me to as certain point and then could not offer me more of what I felt I needed. Others didn't believe me b/c I never lost my sense of humor and my PTSD didn't occur due to the usual circumstances i.e. war. I felt I needed someone smart who could challenge me , believe me and in me and understand what I was going through. Thank G-d I was pointed in her direction b/c she is smart and was able to challenge me but also support me, validate me and offer her unlimited kindness and compassion appropriately. She got it! I fought to be "normal again" but it was really challenging but she was w/ me all the way; we fought together! When I was in the black hole of depression and wanted to let go-she didn't let me! She NEVER let go and gave me tools for life. She NEVER gave up on me no matter how difficult it was. Eventually I was able to return and complete graduate school w/ a high GPA and obtain a highly respected, detailed oriented job. She sincerely cares and is always there and that's exceptional b/c from my own experience not all therapist care or know what they are doing.She is truly an amazing person and therapist. I trusted her and felt safe w/ her then as I do now."

Yehudis, Client

"One of the Best Decisions I've ever made 4 years ago I started therapy with Linda in my mid twenties I saw her for just over two years; she happened to take my insurance and was down the street from my job at that time. Without a doubt seeing Linda was the best decision I ever made. She helped guide me through the PTSD of being molested by a family member, me and my families alcoholism and physical violence. Linda always knew how to make a suggestion without making you feel inadequate; I learned a lot from her not just about my issues but also how to carry myself in life. By the end of our time together she was more like a close friend then a therapist. Linda took a scared angry binge drinking young woman and helped her recover and find her true self. I have a successful career of almost twenty years my own home and a fur-baby named Betty Page, this is a direct result of me taking the time in my twenties to do the hard scary emotional work to help heal and recover, without Linda my life would not have been as successful. You deserve to be happy let Linda help you find your way back to the person you were always suppose to be."

michelle, Client

Where did you work before going into private practice?

Before going into private practice I worked in public mental health and substance abuse agencies serving mentally ill people who were struggling with addiction and homelessness. In addition before emigrating to the States I worked as a community organizer in South Africa.

Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

I frequently give homework and recommend reading. Homework allows you to practice new skills and learn to integrate them into your daily life and you repertoire of behaviors and actions. Practicing new skills gives you a familiarity with these concepts and builds muscle memory so that you when you are stressed these new skills come naturally to you.

How participatory are you during sessions?

The therapeutic process is like a conversation. I actively take part in this conversation by listening to what you are saying and interpreting what I hear. I may offer a different point of view or help you reframe your experience, in a way that is helpful to you. I will always actively listen to you and ask questions so that i can understand your experience from your perspective. in couples therapy I will help you speak to each other and if necessary help you understand what you are saying to each other. I want you to both feel heard.

From your perspective, what is therapy?

Therapy is an opportunity to explore your thoughts, ideas and fears that are negatively impacting your life. Therapy provides a safe space for you to connect with your authentic self. Therapy can be a transformative experience as you create a toolbox of skills to live a life worth living.