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Ilysse Rimalovski, MA, Certified Professional Coach + 1

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Are you trying to balance caring for your aging parents, your children, your partner, AND yourself? As your personal care coach, I help you successfully navigate life transitions, responsibilities, relationships and challenges. I bring you more than 20 years of coaching experience, an accredited coaching education, and a recent master’s degree in care and aging that combines social work, social science and social entrepreneurship. As a lifelong writer and editor, I also love to collaborate with you to develop life story interviews, eulogies and other meaningful legacy documents. Virtually and in person, I create a safe, nurturing, peaceful, positive, non-judgmental co-creative space. Clients describe my style as “warm,” “motivating,” and “productive.” I invite you to schedule a free consultation. I look forward to working with you.

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Get to Know Ilysse

"I knew Ilysse would be able to help me within the first 15 minutes of our consultation. She quickly was able to identify the higher order of questions that I was struggling with and encouraged me to address them in order to live a happier life. I could tell that she was on my team - a true cheerleader for her clients. I would recommend Ilysse to anyone looking for a solutions-oriented coach!"

Caroline T., Client

"Advanced Care Planning is an ongoing process and should start long before it's actually needed to be in place. It's a continuum and should not be thought of as doom and gloom. Ilysse captures that beautifully."

Anneli Schmidt, RN, Colleague

"I'm not the kind of person who asks for help, but I was afraid that when I really need care, my husband wouldn’t know how to be there for me. Ilysse’s “If I Came with Instructions” exercise gave me an easy way to express my needs and wants."

Chris R., Client

" So I went into full crisis mode when my daughter left for college. With Ilysse’s guidance, I was able to reframe the transition as an opportunity to be more me and model confidence and success for my daughter. "

Jane L., Client

"Ilysse is an expert in helping clients navigate the potentially rocky road of family dynamics. She makes it easier to face difficult decisions and let go of procrastination."

Helene Van Manen, MCC, Colleague

"As a family, we have not had all the conversations we need to have. Ilysse gave us a support structure that’s about successfully progressing 100%."

Melissa G., Client

Have you received any particular training beyond your post-Bachelor's training?

I am a perpetual student. In 2021, I received my Master of Arts from NYU in Care, Aging & Entrepreneurship, and completed multiple trainings including: a course in Advance Care Planning for Aging Services Professionals; Conflict Resolution Foundations; and became a New York State Citizen Public Health Leader. I earned coaching certifications at CoachU, ICF, Mountain Coaching, and the Life Blueprint Institute.

From your perspective, what is coaching?

Coaching is a co-creative process that helps individuals maximize personal and professional potential by taking actions to realize their visions. Coaching is proven to work when clients are willing to grow and there is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be. As a coach, I get clients clear on who they are and what they want, providing structure, support and feedback that helps them reach goals more quickly and easily.

What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

When I was a toddler, my mother lost her sister and mother within a week of each other due to illness. Unknowingly, I grew up as my mother's nurturer, with heightened empathy and comforting skills, and the instinct to help others feel better.

How should I prepare for my first session with you?

I will send you an intake packet with forms that establish our commitment to each other that you will complete. Before each (subsequent) session, you will send me a brief prep form answering a few questions about your priorities and progress.

How long should I commit to being in coaching, at least in the beginning?

Once we determine if we are a good match for each other, I recommend committing to a 3-month coaching package, meeting either 2 or 3 times per month, to give yourself the chance to experience the process working. I offer free email and text communication in between sessions as needed.

Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

Part of the co-created coaching process depends on "fieldwork" or homework in between sessions where you are accountable for making real-world progress on short- and long-term goals.