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Kate Jamison, MHC-LP + 1

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I am passionate about the need for more queer & trans-affirmative mental healthcare, and practicing from a multicultural lens. I conduct my work with clients with radical acceptance and an anti-racist framework. I prioritize building a therapy space where my clients feel heard and valued. Receiving honest feedback from my clients is invaluable to my work. Taking the first step to prioritize your mental health and wellness is a huge accomplishment! I look forward to the opportunity to help you build more self-compassion and coping skills. Therapy can be a life-changing experience, and I am so glad you are here.

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LGBTQIA-Related Stress


Life Transitions

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorder


Gender Identity



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Get to Know Kate

"Kate's warmth and kindness are evident the moment you start a conversation with them. Their accepting and affirming approach welcomes clients and helps them feel safe in exploring difficult topics. - Ms. Emma Harger"

Emma Harger, LMSW, Colleague

"Kate is a warm and inviting. She is able to make a client feel comfortable and confident in their ability to explore difficult topics and healing. LMHC"

Mrs. Maria Pietruszka, LMHC, Colleague

"Kate is an excited and thoughtful provider, who seeks to create an environment rooted in acceptance and growth. Her curiosity extends beyond her clients current needs, ensuring that she is always learning and evolving her approach. "

Ms. Cristina Shea, LMSW, Colleague

"Kate is an empathetic and compassionate person. They work well with a wide range of client populations and excels in working with those part of the lgbtq+ community as well as those with OCD and eating disorders. "

Rachel Moses, MHC-LP, Colleague

"Kate Jamison is a talented clinician, who specializes in lgbtq mental health. They identify in the community and has tremendous experience working with lgbtq folks. I recommend them to all people; they provide a safe, non-judgmental space for all people."

Samuel Gilbert, LMSW, Colleague

"Kate is an intelligent and compassionate therapist that works very well with the lgbtq community. She successfully uses CBT and DBT approaches amongst others to help her clients navigate their mental health struggles. "

Artur Lebiedzinski, MHC-LP, Colleague

"You will love their energy. Kate is a kind, thoughtful therapist with a truly amazing background with the lgbtq+ community, and has a strong antiracist lens. It is clear from the start that a client will be safe with them."

Deborah Kay Bothun, Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Kate is an empathetic provider who is passionate about queer and trans-affirmative mental healthcare. She has the ability to make her clients feel safe, heard, and understood while they are working towards their therapeutic goals. "

Elizabeth Latsos, LMSW, Colleague

"Kate is a flexible practitioner with a curiosity in helping their clients explore their needs. Flexible in their approach they remain validating for all their client’s."

Brian Marriott-Molloy, MHC Intern, Colleague

"Kate is a kind, inviting, thoughtful, and warm therapist to her clients. She provides support and compassion toward her clients and works incredibly well with the lgbtq+ community, individuals with OCD, and individuals with eating disorders. "

Lisa Piccininni – MHC Clinical Intern , Colleague

"Kate takes a curious, accepting, and insightful approach to therapy. They strive for their clients to feel seen and heard and excels in their work with the lgbtq+ community"

Jill Mooney, MHC Clinical Intern , Colleague

"Kate is a warm and compassionate provider who is committed to providing the highest standard of queer and trans affirmative care to their clients. Their work is informed by social justice and multiculturalism, highlighting and drawing on clients strengths."

Banks Clippinger, Colleague

"Kate is a warm and compassionate provider who is committed to providing the highest standard of queer and trans affirmative care to their clients. Their work is informed by social justice and multiculturalism, highlighting and drawing on clients strengths."

Banks Clippinger, Colleague

"Kate is an inclusive, warm therapist with a kind demeanor. They are passionate about working through an lgbtq+ affirming lens and are flexible in their therapeutic approaches"

Miri Kassow - LMSW, Colleague

"Kate is fiercely passionate and a dedicated therapist towards queer and trans folks. A true inspiration on being a collaborative, inclusive and affirming clinician. "

Mr. David Diaz, Colleague

"Kate exudes enthusiasm when working with clients and promotes a sense of comfort in the room. This allows Kate to support clients in self-exploration, complex discussions, & effective communication strategies to establish healthier relational dynamics. "

Mr. Kyle William McEvoy, Colleague

"Kate is truly warm and inviting. They create a trusting space for clients to feel heard and express their true selves. "

Blair Luedke, Colleague

"Kate has an authentic, kind, and non-judgmental approach. Kate has the ability to welcome an individual wholly into the therapy process, no matter where they are at with their goals. "

Margaret Rau, Colleague

"Kate has a vibrant personality. They are open and accepting. Kate allows one to express their emotions and allows space for the emotions. "

Ms. Greiny Rodriguez, Colleague

"Kate is a compassionate and culturally sensitive therapist who demonstrates a passion for creativity and exploration."

David Stahler - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Kate is authentic and insightful, bringing a thoughtful and curious approach to their work. They are dedicated to creating a safe and affirming space, which is reflected in their work with lgbtqia+ populations."

Miles Willis - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Kate is a compassionate and accepting therapist who wholeheartedly embraces each individual, making them feel valued and respected throughout their therapeutic journey, regardless of their starting point."

Amanda Fogel - Clinical Intern, Colleague

How participatory are you during sessions?

I come from a person-centered approach to therapy, meaning I will modify the role I have with each client to best support them. If you are someone who likes to talk through your presenting problems and want someone to give you that space, I am happy to be an active listener and engage in questions and reflections after you are finished. If you are looking for a more active approach to sessions, I am happy to engage in more back-and-forth dialogue and exercises. I want to balance supporting my clients with constructively challenging them, as I believe that combination helps them get the most out of therapy. We can figure out what that balance looks like for you together!

How should I prepare for my first session with you?

All that I ask is that you come to our first session with an open mind and try your best to be open with me. The first session or two will include intake questions so I can get to know you better, including discussing what you are hoping to get out of your time in therapy. Building a patient-therapist relationship takes time and trust, and the more honest you are with me about your goals and any trepidations you are having, the more I will be able to support you.

What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

Seeing the life-changing experience proper mental healthcare had for my own life and for many of the people I love. Also understanding the need for more accessible mental healthcare with multicultural competencies, and wanting to contribute to the growth of that.

How do you approach diversity in the room or working with clients who may come from a different background than you?

My training highly emphasized counseling from a multicultural and social justice orientation, meaning I have studied and had fieldwork with clients of diverse identities and lived experiences. I aim to create a therapeutic relationship where tough conversations are encouraged and explored. I counsel from an anti-racist, queer, and trans-affirmative lens, and am constantly working to expand my multicultural competence.

From your perspective, what is therapy?

Therapy should be a space where clients can feel heard and validated, acknowledging that many presenting problems have systemic roots. I believe that clients have everything they need inside them and aim to help them look within to find their strengths and empower themselves.