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Greiny Rodriguez, LMSW

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You are dealing with anxiety, depression, and/or trauma. It is time for you to explore these emotions, regulate them, and heal. Together, we will identify coping techniques and gradually, you will become a better you! You will be challenged to reframe negative thoughts to shift your perspective, whether you are a child, adolescent, or adult. Soon enough you will be thriving. You may have found what you did not know you needed.

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Get to Know Greiny

"Greiny is an excellent, kind therapist and works well for people with a vast array of clinical presentations. She is creative and will tailor her approach to you as an individual. I highly recommend working with her!"

Miri Kassow - LMSW, Colleague

"Greiny takes time to listen and understand her clients and their presenting concerns in all of their complexity. She works exceptionally well with folks who hold marginalized or minoritized identities, including those in the queer community."

Banks Clippinger, Colleague

"Greiny is a kind and thoughtful therapist who excels at validating her clients experiences. She works collaboratively with her clients to create individualized goals that facilitate growth and happiness."

Jill Mooney, MHC Clinical Intern , Colleague

"Greiny is thoughtful, warm, and cares deeply about helping and supporting her clients throughout any journey they are on. She uses various approaches and skills to provide her clients with a space and the tools needed for them to grow and evolve."

Lisa Piccininni, Colleague

"Greiny has a light and smiley personality that is sure to bring her clients a sense of ease during sessions. With an empathetic demeanor, she likes to challenge her client’s while using a CBT approach."

Brian Euseph Marriott-Molloy, Colleague

"Greiny builds therapeutic relationships that are compassionate and growth-oriented. She makes space for a person's strengths and their hardest struggles."

Margaret Rau, Colleague

"Greiny provides a comforting and safe space to talk. She collaborates with her clients to help them become the best version of themselves."

Jalisa Taylor, Colleague

Where did you work before going into private practice?

Before going into private practice I worked in a school with adolescents.

How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones?

I will challenge your thinking and rationale. The goal is to build an honest relationship that is judgement free.

Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

I assign activities, at times movies, shows, videos in between sessions if I believe these outside resources will serve as a coping technique or have a positive impact.

What is the best part of the work for you?

Witnessing growth in clients and an increase in self-awareness that has positively shifted their perspectives on life crisis/challenges.

From your perspective, what is therapy?

Therapy allows you to nurture your mind and address any challenges related to your mental health.