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Jillian Mooney profile

Jillian Mooney, MHC Intern

Message from Jillian

Jill received her bachelor of science degree from Binghamton University in integrative neuroscience and is currently pursuing a mental health counseling master's degree at Hunter College. She has worked as a registered behavior technician supporting neurodivergent children and adolescents for 5 years. During these experiences, Jill has strengthened her personal qualities of warmth, patience, and empathy and is excited to utilize these qualities in a counseling role. Jill hopes to create a warm and supportive therapeutic relationship where her clients feel comfortable being their authentic selves and are able to openly explore their concerns. In her free time, Jill enjoys checking out local restaurants and coffee shops, going for walks, listening to music, and baking.

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Get to Know Jillian

"Jill creates a calming atmosphere where client’s can open up about their deepest emotions and fears. She is ready for any challenge and offers an approach of acceptance and empathy."

Brian Marriott-Molloy, MHC Intern, Colleague

"Jill is a thoughtful, warm, and caring therapist who approaches her clients with openness and gentleness. She is committed to supporting her clients as they face challenges, work toward goals, and process their experiences and emotions. "

Lisa Piccininni – MHC Clinical Intern , Colleague

"Jillian is kind and compassionate in her approach. She is able to listen with a sense of openness and curiosity so the people she works with can share their experiences feeling respected."

Margaret Rau, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, MSW, Colleague

"Jill has a calm and approachable demeanor and is a skilled, empathetic clinician. Her commitment to her clients and their growth is palpable."

Miri Kassow - LMSW, Colleague

"Jillian is a warm and thoughtful therapist who is exceptional in her work with children and adolescents. She works with a wide range of presenting concerns and has an impressive background of specialized training working with autism spectrum disorders."

Banks Clippinger, Colleague

"ill's dedication to understanding clients' backgrounds establishes a relational dynamic fortified by trust and acceptance. This is imperative to develop healthy change. Jill utilizes their excellent interpersonal skills and education to inform their work."

Mr. Kyle William McEvoy, Colleague

"Jill is a warm and kind clinician who is passionate about her client’s growth and well-being. She creates a safe space for clients to explore their inner thoughts. "

Blair Luedke, Colleague

"Jillian is inclusive and affirming. A skillful clinician that is able to welcome many parts of a client's life into the session and feel cared for. "

Mr. David Diaz, Colleague

"Jill's calming demeanor and unique professional experience affords her to be a skillful clinician. She creates a judgement-free space for all clients looking to do the therapeutic work. "

Rachel Moses, Colleague

"Jillian is a kind, warm clinician. Using her clinical skills, she works with clients to challenge them while supporting and helping them reach their goals and highest potential."

Mrs. Maria Pietruszka, Colleague

"Jillian is empathetic and a great listener. She's great at providing a safe space for her clients to process their feelings and thoughts. "

Artur Lebiedzinski, Colleague

"Jillian is a creative and bright clinician, often seeking new opportunities to expand her knowledge in the field. She is a joy to work with and brings kindness and thoughtfulness into the therapeutic space, facilitating her clients' capacities for growth. "

Ms. Cristina Shea, Colleague

"Jill is affirming and open, meeting her clients where they are throughout the therapy process. She is personable and conceptualizes her clients through the contexts of their environment and identities. "

Mx. Kate Jamison, Colleague

"Jillian is dependable, relatable and easy going. Her smile is contagious! - "

Ms. Greiny Rodriguez, Colleague

"Jill is an empathetic therapist who creates a warm and supportive space for her clients to openly explore their concerns."

David Stahler - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Jillian is a compassionate and warm clinician. She creates a safe and authentic environment for clients, while also encouraging growth."

Miles Willis, Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Jill is an exceptional clinician who exudes warmth and kindness. Her genuine passion for her clients' growth and well-being is evident, and she skillfully creates a safe and supportive environment where inner thoughts can be explored with confidence."

Amanda Fogel - Clnical Intern, Colleague

Where did you work before going into private practice?

Before going into private practice I worked as a registered behavior technician supporting neurodivergent children and adolescents. During my experiences as a behavior technician, I was able to further develop personal traits such as being comforting, patient, and empathic. I am eager to use these qualities in order to create a safe space for my client to open up, feel heard, and work collaboratively with me to create meaningful changes in their lives.

What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

I have always been moved to help others and have gone through struggles of my own. Through my own therapeutic journey, I have realized how important it is to have someone to whom you can open up completely in a judgment-free space. From my background in psychology and neuroscience, being a registered behavior technician, and especially my own experiences in counseling, I was moved to become a counselor. I truly believe being your authentic self is the way to create a strong connection with others, and I am looking forward to building this kind of connection with my clients.