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Brian Molloy, MHC Intern

Message from Brian

Brian (He/Him) is currently a graduate student at Baruch College – City University of New York pursuing his M.A. in Mental Health Counseling. He holds an A.A. from Southeastern Illinois College as well as a B.A. in Psychology from Brooklyn College – City University of New York. Brian did additional schooling at Murray State University in Kentucky and holds his Certification as a Reiki Master Practitioner from Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute. He believes that therapy should be a collaboration between therapist and client and will do what is best for his clients. He utilizes a person-centered approach that includes aspects of CBT, DBT, psychodynamic, and humanistic methodologies in an effort to help client’s reach their goals and potential. His general areas of focus are on the LGBTQ+ community, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, neurodivergence, sex positivity, CNM, and those living with infectious disease. Brian’s favorite saying is “feelings are not facts; however, your feelings are valid.” Brian thinks that self-care is very important and that it takes many forms. As a former actor/singer, a large part of his routine is to sing whenever possible and attend the theatre whenever the opportunity presents itself. Other areas of his self-care routine are spending time with family and friends, fitness, taking walks, and watching a good comedy in efforts to not take things too seriously.

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Addiction and Substance Use



LGBTQIA-Related Stress

Sexual Fear or Addiction

Sexual Abuse

Young Adulthood

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Get to Know Brian

"Brian's vibrant energy keeps you engaged. He still manages to be empathetic and warm in moments when needed most."

Greiny Rodriquez, Colleague

"Brian is warm, thoughtful, kind, and inviting toward all of his clients and colleagues. He provides his clients with a safe, nonjudgmental space for them to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences with his care and support."

Lisa Piccininni, Colleague

" Brian's open and non-judgmental energy creates a safe space for the people he works with to explore deeper into the issues they are working on."

Margaret Rau, Colleague

"Brian is an empathic, nonjudgmental, and compassionate therapist who pulls from multiple modalities in order to validate his client’s experiences and work collaboratively with them to develop thoughtful goals."

Jillian Mooney, Colleague

"Brian is a kind and relatable clinician. He uses thoughtful, nonjudgmental therapeutic approaches in his work."

Miri Kassow - LMSW, Colleague

"Brian is an inviting provider, who uses his empathy to facilitate growth and self-acceptance with his clients. His passion for the lgbtq-affirmative care is palpable and admirable. "

Mx. Kate Jamison, Colleague

"Brian is well verses in working with addiction and substance use issues. He give a great example of allowing to be at ease in disclosing vulnerable information to a therapist. "

Mr. David Diaz, Colleague

"Brian is thoughtful, warm, and compassionate with clients and colleagues alike. He has experience working with a wide range of client populations, particularly those experiencing substance abuse. "

Rachel Moses, Colleague

"Brian is a warm and inviting clinician. He is passionate about creating a safe space for his clients to tap into their emotional potential. "

Blair Luedke, Colleague

"Brian is enthusiastic about his work! He brings an energy into the room that is both calming and exciting! This makes him an excellent fit for those that are struggling with depression or other diagnoses hindering their motivation. "

Mr. Kyle William McEvoy, Colleague

"Brian is a relatable, supportive clinician who works with clients to ensure they are developing self-awareness, addressing life transitions & coping with emotional difficulties. "

Mrs. Maria Pietruszka, Colleague

"Brian brings a thoughtful and creative approach to his therapeutic relationships. He leads with compassion and grace, creating an empowering environment for clients to find growth and change. "

Ms. Cristina Shea, Colleague

"Brian is an enthusiastic and highly skilled provider. He specializes in working with lgbtqia+ populations as well as assist those struggling with anxiety and depression. Brian is a non-judgmental, empathic, patient and integrative provider. "

Artur Lebiedzinski, Colleague

"Brian is a thoughtful and relatable provider, who engages and encourages clients. His has experience working with clients to overcome substance abuse, as well as experience with lgbtqia+ populations."

Miles Willis, Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Brian is a dedicated therapist who collaboratively tailors his approach to meet the unique needs of each client, addressing various mental health concerns, and emphasizing self-care. "

David Stahler - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Brian offers a welcoming, accepting environment that is full of encouragement. His attentive listening makes clients feel heard, and his warm smile will make anyone smile back!"

Amanda Fogel - Clinical Intern, Colleague

From your perspective, what is therapy?

Therapy is a place a client can feel vulnerable and share all their thoughts, concerns, and fears. I provide a non-judgmental space for my clients to be their most authentic selves. Confidentiality is of utmost importance and your well-being comes first.

How should I prepare for my first session with you?

I tell all my client's to be willing, open-minded, and vulnerable every time they walk in the door. A great way to prepare for your fist session is to take notes and be prepared to dive in. What are your hesitations and fears about therapy. Are there any reservations? Are there any topics you feel need to be focused on first? This way we can dive in and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Remember this is your time, so let's utilize it wisely.

Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

All clients are different; therefore, my approach will change with whomever I am working. There may be occasional suggestions for homework, reading, or activities. Remember these are only suggestions.

How much do you share about yourself during our time together and why?

I tend to self-disclose very little. The reason for this is that the session is about you the client and that is of utmost importance.

Are there any philosophies or values that inform your work that I should know about?

I strongly believe that feelings are not facts, but our feelings are always valid. Keeping that in mind with my clients, I try to impart upon them the validity of what we feel while having the ability to understand our perceptions are not always what they seem.