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Miles Willis profile

Miles Willis, MHC Intern

Message from Miles

Miles (he/him) is a graduate student currently pursuing an MA and Master of Education in Psychological Counseling at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds a BA in Psychology from Clark University. Miles works from a strength based and person centered perspective, while encouraging mindfulness techniques and creating an affirming space with the client. Miles is originally from interior Alaska and now lives in NYC. He is 23 years old, queer, a trans man, and a second-generation immigrant. In his spare time, he enjoys discovering new knitting patterns, running, and photography.

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Get to Know Miles

"Miles creates a warm and affirming space for his clients to feel totally themselves. He is eager to get to know his clients fully and collaborate with them to create meaningful goals."

Jill Mooney - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Miles fosters a nurturing and attentive environment, providing counseling that emphasizes personal strengths and a client-centered outlook. He creates a secure space for individuals to navigate their distinct paths of self-discovery."

David Stahler- Clinical Intern - Collaborative, Colleague

"Miles is an open and transparent person. Very eager to learn and be challenged. His approach is very welcoming and flexible to working with a client's needs. "

David Diaz - LMHC - Collaborative, Colleague

"Miles brings a thoughtful and holistic approach to his therapeutic practice. He seeks to create meaningful relationships with clients to foster growth and change."

Cristina Shea, LMSW, Colleague

"Miles is open and eager to support his clients on their journey and work collaboratively to achieve their goals. He utilizes a warm and flexible approach to meet the needs of any client facing facing any challenges."

Lisa Piccininni - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Miles is an affirming practitioner who is willing for any challenge. Always empathetic and willing to dive into the root of the problem."

Brian Marriott-Mulloy-Clinical Intern, Colleague

"I appreciate Miles' dedication to creating a compassionate space in which in which his clients can process and heal. Miles is a collaborative-minded person and is a pleasure to work with."

Margaret Rau - LMSW, Colleague

"Miles offers a warm and inviting space that is filled with encouragement and support. His collaborative approach to therapy ensures that clients feel empowered and actively involved in their own growth and healing."

Amanda Fogel - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Miles is an eager clinician with specialty in inclusive care. His kindness creates a safe and open environment for clients to explore their inner selves."

Blair Luedke - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Miles is a kind, affirming clinician who is enthusiastic in supporting his clients reach their therapeutic goals."

Miriam Kassow - LMSW, Colleague

"Miles is genuine, curious, and authentic! He is open-minded, creative, and excels at providing an affirming and supportive space for his clients to grow."

Kate Jamison - Clinical Intern , Colleague

"Miles utilizes an integrative approach to collaborate with clients. His calm demeanor aides in creating a safe space for all clients to work on what brings them into therapy."

Rachel Moses - MHC-LP, Colleague

"Miles is kind, easy to talk to and connect with. He is a highly skilled, eager to learn, and open to assisting in any way needed always showing up for clients."

Greiny Rodriguez - LMSW, Colleague

"Miles uses his clinical skills encourage his clients to look inward and find answers to life's toughest issues within their own strengths. He is warm and welcoming allowing clients to feel safe and ready to make positive life changes."

Maria Pietruszka - LMHC, Colleague

"Miles’ calm demeanor and kindness helps facilitate a safe environment where his clients can experience encouragement, empathy, and support during inclusive care therapy."

Kyle McEvoy - LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, LPC, Colleague

"Miles is a skilled and insightful provider who works from an integrative and multicultural perspectives to assist clients with feeling seen, heard and valued in their healing journey."

Artur Lebiedzinski = MHC - LP, Colleague