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Thalia Longchamp, Integrative Practitioner

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Hello friend! I’d be honored to meet you, and learn about what your wellness journey has been like thus far. I am a Christian faith based counselor and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner. The aim of my work is to treat both spiritual health and mental health. For individuals seeking a multidimensional approach to their wellbeing, I believe Christian counseling is the healthy and optimal choice. (Prospective clients are not required to be Christian, believe in God, nor are expected to claim a faith based identity to benefit from our work together. ) Website- www.spirited-therapy.com Schedule a Consultation- https://spiritedtherapybook.as.me/Consultation Blog- https://www.spirited-therapy.com/blog Newsletter- https://bit.ly/spiritedtherapy

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"Thalia has been a wonderful peacemaker for me. I have some seriously destructive patterns, beliefs, that have been keeping me stuck. She was able to reflect some difficult truths in a way that didn’t cause me to “shut down” and put walls up to shut out difficult truths/reality. I felt very seen and heard, and honestly we made more (psycho-social-spiritual) progress in 5 sessions than I made in several years going to traditional talk therapy. I have much confidence in Thalia’s skill to guide people back to their path and to enhance one’s relationship with God."

Grant L., Client

"The way that Thalia combines CBT therapy with spiritual work into an 1.5hr session is incredibly powerful. I loved how structured the process was - by the number of sessions you commit to, and how each session tackles a specific theme every week, all of which ultimately intertwined beautifully. She was able to create such a sacred container for our work together, where I felt safe and seen, but also challenged in exactly the right way. Thalia is a very powerful healer, and I have experienced a profound shift of awareness due to our work together, which continues to impact me (and my behavior). If you're looking for a generous, experienced, unique practitioner who can who can meet you where you are (whether in your wounded child or beyond the veil!) then I highly recommend working with Thalia. I'm so grateful for our sessions, and encourage anyone feeling vaguely called to work with her TO DIVE IN. She guides the process with so much empathy, and focus; the insights and wisdom that came out of our sessions together have been truly transformational."

Krista , Client

Are there any philosophies or values that inform your work that I should know about?

The spiritual aspect of my work is rooted in Christianity. I am open and accepting of clients’ experiences with spirituality, regardless of denomination or belief system, as a huge aspect of my work is to help ground any overwhelm clients have as a result of spiritual, emotional, psychological, and/or energetic turmoil present in their inner and outer world.

Is there ever a time when you would encourage me to leave or graduate? Or how do I know when it's time to end or move on, or time to stay and explore more?

Absolutely. My sessions are structured in Cycles of 5. You are welcome to begin another Cycle straight away if you would like to continue working together. You are also totally free to move on and graduate. Former clients have even taken a break to integrate what they've learned, and would come back to begin another Cycle at a later time. There is no wrong answer, I’m here to support your journey.

How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones?

It is great to lean on trusted friends and family– they know us best. But sometimes an objective eye can help you to navigate forward more clearly. I am able to help you navigate within a safe container through trials and confusion- and I am objective. Trust is important here, too. I set the atmosphere in our sessions so you are seen, considered, and listened to consistently, so that a trust may be established and nurtured. Helping you take authentic, actionable steps towards peace and life affirming choices is what we will focus on; which requires patience on both ends. I will be with you every step of the way until you are ready to move on.