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Hi, my name is Anna and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. Feeling misunderstood and other-ed can be deeply challenging, especially if you navigate the world with a unique set of experiences or marginalized ones—whether you're part of the queer and/or trans community, Neurodivergent, facing complex trauma, or dealing with chronic illness. I'm Anna, and my therapy work is built on meeting you right where you are. I tailor my approach to fit you—not the other way around. My goal? To empower you through self-compassion and acceptance, grounded in a deep understanding of the intersections of identity, disability justice, and mental health. I understand the nuances and power of shared lived experiences and seek to empower the people I work with through self-compassion and affirming and unconditionally accepting care. I am passionate about and educated on how intersectional marginalization and systemic issues affect our experiences and struggles. My academic background in gender, sex, sexuality, intersectionality, disability justice, and oppression enhances my ability to provide knowledgeable and culturally competent support. My lived experience in communities also allows me to connect you to holistic support and additional resources that may be relevant since our mental health is so deeply intertwined with all other parts of our lives and bodies. Let's honor your journey together. Book a free consultation call with me for therapy that adapts to you and affirms every part of who you are.

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"From our first session, Anna has made me feel seen, heard, and supported. Throughout the two years of working together, they have taught me to find power and confidence in the things that made me feel othered. I’m so grateful and lucky to be met with such patience and eagerness to be understood, week after week. "

Anonymous Client of 2+ years, Client

How should I prepare for my first session with you?

To begin, I love to start hearing from you about your goals for therapy and what you want to take away from it. What do you want to change? How do you want to grow? What's worked for you in the past to support you and what hasn't? First, we will start by talking about what brings you to therapy and why. Then, we can talk more about who you are outside of what you have been going through. What is important to you and your identity? What have you been struggling with and for how long. What in your life is going well? What do you do to cope with what you have been dealing with and how has that been working for you? Then I'll give you an idea of what we will talk about next week and check in with you about how our first session went for you. The following week, we will go deeper into what we started talking about and work on getting to know each other better and getting started on how you want our time together to support your goals for therapy.

Are there any philosophies or values that inform your work that I should know about?

My anti-oppressive and intersectional feminist foundation are the grounds that I build on in my therapy work. That means giving space to systemic issues that often inform why we suffer or struggle with systems or others and how being present in this world often comes along with feeling grief and anger because parts of this world are unfair and unjust. But our anger and recognition of injustices are powerful and important. In solidarity and connection around these issues, we can find solidarity and undo aloneness. We don't have to go through this alone. I'm with you and we can face these issues together and find ways to deal.

How do you approach diversity in the room or working with clients who may come from a different background than you?

I always say that I'm happy to be an open book or a closed book depending on your preferences. This means I'm open to embracing self-disclosing to you during our sessions because I believe the personal is political and our lived experiences always matter and can contribute to our work together. I find it important to metaprocess and make the implicit explicit and broach conversations around our different lived experiences and potential privilege or power differences and how that feels for you to address and experience with me. I am committed to cultural competency and educating myself on experiences of marginalization that I haven't lived through and being an ally and actively anti-racist and up to date on what's going on in the world, and I will not ask you to do the work of educating me on your community and culture unless you would benefit from verbalizing it.