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Leah Ehinger, ASW

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Hello! I am Leah, a therapist working with people healing their addiction and traumas. I specialize in somatic and polyvagal practices to help you learn to quiet your mind and calm your body/nervous system. I am also trained in CBT/DBT as ways to assess the impacts of the behaviors and understand more about your triggers. I work with people healing from addiction because I have lived experience myself. Together, we work with your mind and body using talk therapy and guided practices for a holistic healing approach. I create a safe and accepting space for us to explore feelings and learn new ways of coping.

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Get to Know Leah

What is unique about the work you do, or how have you found your work to be different than your colleagues'?

My work is unique in that I am trained in the body as well as the mind. My mental health training has been deeply rooted in bodily experiences and sensations (somatics). Polyvagal work is an emerging field for body-mind practitioners that uses the vagus nerve as a starting point to creating feelings of calm and peace in the body. I am a trauma informed personal trainer and yoga instructor whereby I help people through fitness and movement create a new relationship to the sensations in their body. I am also in recovery from addiction myself.

What are your policies and practices around insurance?

I am an out of network provider. I do not work directly with insurance companies, however, I am able to offer a monthly superbill option that can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. If your insurance carrier providers out-of-network benefits, you may be reimbursed 20-80% of our session feed. Before we meet, you should contact your insurance to verify: (1) whether you have mental health benefits, (2) the number of sessions covered, (3) the rate of reimbursement, (4) your deductible.

How long should I commit to being in therapy, at least in the beginning?

Therapy is a long term commitment. The true and profound results happen over periods of time of repeated exposure in a safe relationship where you're able to process and feel emotions. I recommend all of my clients to work with me weekly as tapping into emotions often and frequently in a trusted relationship can take us to deeper places together. I recommend committing to therapy weekly for at least one year.

What degrees do you have and what techniques are you trained in?

I have a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Psychology from Indiana University in Bloomington. I am a trauma informed personal trainer. I am an RYT-200 registered yoga teacher. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from Indiana University in Indianapolis. I have a Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate (60hrs) and Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga Certificate (22hrs) from EmbodyLab. I have a deep passion for health and healing of all forms so my curiosities and explorations range far beyond the traditional classroom setting. I have traveled the world learning from the vast wealth of knowledge that exists in our collective humanity. I have met and seen many people from many countries and have integrated all of those experiences to inform the work that I do with people.