A high-performing workforce starts with strong mental health

MyWellbeing is your partner in delivering custom mental health benefits that transform lives and drive business results.

Learn more about why our customers experience a 98% satisfaction score and their teams report feeling more centered, fulfilled, and productive.

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Workplace Wellbeing Offerings

Virtual Webinars (30 or 60 min)

Through brief, concrete virtual webinars that welcome the entire team, learn key skills and takeaways from licensed therapists on the topics you care about most.

All topics are customized to the unique needs of the team. Some of our most popular topics include burnout prevention and recovery, stress management, and maintaining mental health during highly stressful times.

Support Groups (30 or 60 min)

Ensure that your team has the support that they need through open format support groups, led by a licensed therapist. These groups can be designated for specific employee identity groups like LGBTQIA+, Black, AAPI, Jewish, Latinx, or particular departments like HR, customer support, or management to ensure that teammates who share unique stressors have safe spaces where they can process and grow in community and with professional support.

1:1 Therapy or Coaching

Sponsor 1:1 mental health care for your employees. Select the number of sessions per employee you’d like to sponsor per calendar year and MyWellbeing will match your teammates with the right provider for their needs, support them in getting started, and manage all billing and operations.

Therapy Fund

Sponsor 1:1 mental health care for a community that you care about to demonstrate your company’s values. Leverage MyWellbeing’s vast audience, spread awareness of your company and your values, make an important impact, and highlight one more reason why employees are proud to join and grow with you.

"Connecting with MyWellbeing was an absolute game changer..."

What our partners are saying:

“Connecting with MyWellbeing as we closed out our hyper scale up phase and prepared for a merger was an absolute game-changer. Their unwavering support and expertise became an essential cornerstone during this pivotal time of transition. As our company surged forward, our employees were fatigued and becoming weary of the upcoming changes. MyWellbeing stepped in with a remarkable understanding of these sentiments, helping us craft tailored well-being workshops that would meet our people’s needs. Their content acted as a beacon of support, encouraging us to foster a unified front amidst the ongoing change. The results were exceptional, bolstering our people’s engagement and overall morale. Our partnership with MyWellbeing continues to be a strategic lever in ensuring that our teams are prepared to navigate the challenges of change, build a global and inclusive culture and emerge from the merger with renewed energy and a resilient spirit.”

- Yuliya May, Director, Talent Management and Engagement at Eutelsat Group
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Core Benefits for You and Your Team

Empower your team with concrete tips and tools to better manage their stress levels, relationships, and productivity.

Gain the support of a licensed, trained mental health provider in a convenient, virtual environment.

Foster trust and loyalty by demonstrating for your team that you care about them as people beyond their KPIs.

Tackle your most pressing concerns through uniquely customized topics and themes designed specifically for you and your team.

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Work with the best.

MyWellbeing works with over 1,250+ top mental health professionals, who are all uniquely trained to share their expertise with you.

Experience for yourself why our partners report a 98% satisfaction score.

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