QUIZ: Which Type of Goal Setter Are You?

It's important to know what kind of goal setter you are

When it comes to setting (and achieving) goals, different people take different approaches. Some dream big while others are content to take life day by day. Some feel a natural pull to check goals off of the to-do list of life while others struggle to even narrow down which path to take.

Not everyone has the same goals or even the same attitudes surrounding goals, and that’s okay. Knowing how you approach setting and achieving goals can help you fine-tune your approach if that’s something you’re interested in.

Goals are all about what works best for you as an individual and your life. Self-awareness about your thought process, opinions, and behaviors can help you set goals that are achievable yet challenging and make you feel fulfilled.

How can you find out what kind of goal setter you are?

This questionnaire will help you to evaluate what type of goal setter you are. No matter what results you get, this questionnaire is meant to support you, help you build self-awareness, and give you some insight into your habits and preferences and see where there might be areas to build a better relationship with goal setting.

Disclaimer: This quiz is not a diagnostic tool. If you believe that you may need additional support, please speak with a mental health professional.