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Unique Membership Benefits


with new, compatible clients


marketing, operations, and business best practices


with a diverse community of mental health providers

Get Featured

with unique press features and opportunities

Save time and money

through exclusive discounts, partnerships, and curated service professionals

Expand thought leadership

through exclusive content, social media, and email features

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"I don't know where I would be without MyWellbeing."

“I really love the referrals that MyWellbeing sends to my practice. The clients are fantastic and they fit my area of expertise and client population I work with the best.”

"Thanks to you and MyWellbeing, I [got my first press feature] yesterday! This was so thrilling for me and I'm grateful that I had MyWellbeing for the connection!"

“I highly recommend Alyssa and her staff; they are compassionate, dedicated professionals who believe in their vital mission to help change lives! Sign on and watch your practice grow!"

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How Matching Works


with clients who are the right fit, based on factors like fee, identity, specialty area, style and more.

Stand Out

Get featured as one of three recommendations, rather than one of 100s of directory profiles.

Gain Insight

Receive notification of what your matches are seeking so you can prepare for rapport from your first point of contact.

Confirm Fit

You are the master of your trade. Connect with clients over consult calls to confirm your fit.

Let the Healing Begin!

Get started with your new clients when you are both ready. MyWellbeing takes no transaction fees between you and your clients.

We nurture prospective clients with content and psycho-education throughout to set expectations and promote as much chemistry as possible. As a result, clients acquired through MyWellbeing stay in therapy 75% longer than clients acquired through other platforms or channels.

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Annual Membership Dues

Paid Monthly


($1,500/year, pre-tax)

Please note: the monthly plan is a payment plan for your annual membership.

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Paid Annually



SAVE $300

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Your questions, answered

Does MyWellbeing work?

We wouldn't be inviting you otherwise! While each provider's exact experience varies, we are committed to supporting you to ensure that you have a valuable experience.

Exactly how many clients you connect with will vary depending on factors like your availability, your fee, your interest in our wide array of marketing opportunities, your expertise, and more. We are a matching platform and we prioritize quality of fit; we do not make any quantitative guarantees.

Some quick math: if you only acquired 1 client all year who paid $100/session, you would earn your entire year's membership in just 12 sessions.

Beyond matching, some of the most invaluable MyWellbeing experiences have been less concrete--like two colleagues who've opened a group practice together months after first meeting at a MyWellbeing gathering, or a provider securing her first prominent press feature through a MyWellbeing connection. We are passionate about empowering our members to grow as much as possible, in ways that are as unique as you are.

What makes you different?

Though there isn't an obvious comparison on the market right now, we are more than just a directory.

In addition to matching with new prospective clients, through a MyWellbeing membership, you gain community, marketing and business training, and thought leadership, press, and social justice opportunities.

Just a few examples: every month, we host a gathering for all MyWellbeing members to get to know each other, commiserate, and grow, together. We host biweekly anti-racism discussions and BIPOC affinity groups. Through MyWellbeing connections and events, MyWellbeing members secure press, blog, email, and social media features that attract a significant following and lead to new client connections, even outside of our formal matching process.

We prioritize making our membership as financially accessible as possible. Our marketing trainings are valued at over $1,000 each and just one post on an Instagram account of our size has a market rate of over $3,000. Members gain complimentary access to both (and more) because our priority is for you to gain the support and exposure that you need at a price you can afford.

Thank you for all that you do.
We look forward to meeting you!