QUIZ: Which Type of Therapy or Coaching Is Right for You?

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There are so many different types of therapy and coaching that it can be hard to know which form is best for you. We have been there, and we get it. We’ve put together this simple quiz to help you narrow down which forms of support may be the best fit.

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In order to take this assessment well...

Imagine a person in your life who you tend to lean on when you are in high-stress situations.

If many people are coming to mind, you are lucky! Just choose the first, no pressure. If it is challenging to think of someone in your life, that's totally normal--try choosing a TV or movie character who comforts or empowers you.

Realllly picture them, as though they are sitting across the table from you.

Whoever this person is, hold their image in your mind as you complete this assessment.

As you proceed, more than one answer may resonate with you. That is normal and absolutely okay. Choose the one that most resonates with you in this given moment; this assessment is designed to compile all of your answers together to surface the best fit overall, and your fit can change with time!