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Faith Deutschle

Using Social Media Partnerships To Grow Your Practice

At MyWellbeing, in particular, we have such a unique opportunity to amplify life saving messaging from our community of therapists and coaches. But even more than that, there is a literal dollar value associated with different tiers of social media followings. Let’s dive in to learn more...
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A “large following” on social media translates to more than the concrete number of followers an account has. Of course, there is qualitative value in 80,000 people subscribing to follow your thoughts, updates, and recommendations.  At MyWellbeing, in particular, we have such a unique opportunity to amplify life saving messaging from our community of therapists and coaches. But even more than that, there is a literal dollar value associated with different tiers of followings. Let’s dive in to learn more...

Social media, brands and influencers. . .

My name is Faith and I make a living working in social media. Specifically, branding, partnerships, strategy…and influencers. I was around during the “days of ole” when brands laughed at the idea of paying an “everyday” person to post on their behalf. I was also around when Kim Kardashian was merely Paris Hilton’s assistant. All of this is to say, I have seen it all.

What is the actual value of an Instagram post?

So what is the dollar value of 80K followers? I have seen influencers of this size paid anywhere from $750 to upwards of $3,000 for a SINGLE POST. Yes, you read that right. One Instagram post can cost $3,000 (or more). You can see how this can incrementally add up! And although this may sound astronomical, let me break down the value.

80,000 followers = 40 million reach/impressions (assuming the average follower has 500 followers of their own)

Even if you only paid $.50 per one thousand impressions (CPM), which is shockingly low, that would still be $20,000.

Now remember:  an account like MyWellbeing’s is highly targeted to your ideal customer/client. Their followers have chosen to actively engage with an account centered around mental health care. Read: the people who are actively engaged with this account are primed to want what you are offering. That is even more valuable than an “average” follower on any old account.

This is a gross simplification of the rates for a guest post on different Instagram accounts, but still very relevant and an easy way to conceptualize what this looks like at scale:


Interesting. How does this pertain to therapists and coaches?

Many influential accounts (brands and individuals) are searching for expertise in the mental health industry. By seeking out opportunities that get you facetime on these accounts, you can not only grow your own account, but you can also receive FREE advertising and marketing, all while helping others. Additionally, if you are a MyWellbeing community member, you have numerous chances to be highlighted on our social media channels, to receive thousands of dollars of advertising value, all as part of your membership.

What does influencer marketing look like in practice?

Let me show you an example. MyWellbeing’s founder, Alyssa Petersel, teamed up with ettitude to shed light on how sleep is an important part of self-care. She was able to reach a whole new audience, share her message, help others, and score a new pair of sheets in the process. But instead of paying for advertising, she got it all for free.


How do I get started?

If this seems too good to be true, I promise you it isn’t. You do, however, have to put yourself out there. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • DM accounts that you would like to work with and offer your expertise. Example: Hi there @match. I am a therapist who specializes in couples therapy. I would love to collaborate with you the next time you need an expert opinion. Feel free to reach me here or via my email.
  • Practice talking to your phone. Most collaborations these days involve video. Talking to your camera is a skill and practice makes perfect.
  • If you are a MyWellbeing community member, take advantage of all the ways you can be featured on our social channels. Remember: the value of just one in-feed post is well over $3,000 worth of advertising -- and as a member, you receive that value for free.

Lastly, begin showing up on your own social channels and creating content that will attract the right partnerships for your practice. At MyWellbeing we are always creating opportunities for our therapists and coaches to post on our social channels.

If you would like to join MyWellbeing as a therapist or coach, please learn more here. We can’t wait to meet  you (and feature you on our socials).

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About the author

Faith Deutschle boasts of over 15 years of social media and marketing experience. She now owns her own agency, Jaybird Creative, that is focused on building brand equity for ethos based companies. Prior to this, she managed campaigns for clients ranging from Marc Jacobs Beauty to Avocados for Mexico. Currently residing in Seattle, she is a mentor for Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator and sits on the board of Reading Partners.