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Ryan Ward

What is Aetna?

Aetna is a health insurance company that provides various insurance options, including individual plans, business plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. With any plan you have with Aetna, they will cover some or all of the costs associated with mental health care and treatment for mental health disorders. Most of Aetna’s covered treatments are divided into different categories. For most mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, or OCD, traditional talk therapy is the first step. Aetna will cover your treatment with a therapist who can learn more about your unique mental health situation and recommend a treatment plan. Your doctor may also recommend various medications for mental health treatment that your insurance will also usually cover.

Does Aetna Cover Mental Health Care?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Aetna is legally required to cover care for mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and other diagnoses. Mental health conditions are treated just like any other condition. Aetna cannot deny you coverage because you have a mental health condition, and they cannot refuse to cover care for any diagnosed condition. Aetna will cover mental health care, as long as your treatment is in-network. Most insurances classify mental and behavioral health treatment as a type of specialist treatment, which means treatment can cost slightly more than a general checkup visit. The amount of coverage you receive is dependent on the type of insurance plan you hold with Aetna. We recommend reaching out to your insurance company directly to cover costs associated with care before starting treatment.

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