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High Functioning Anxiety

Ryan Ward

Many people in the world suffer from and identify with high functioning anxiety. There are many misconceptions associated with high functioning anxiety. Anxiety can present itself in many different forms and severities, and each is in fact a variation of anxiety. Better understanding what high functioning anxiety is the first step to understanding how to manage it.

What is high functioning anxiety?

High functioning anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder where individuals experience symptoms of anxiety but are still able to function in their daily lives.

What are the symptoms of high functioning anxiety?

Symptoms of high functioning anxiety can include excessive worry, perfectionism, overthinking, difficulty relaxing, physical symptoms such as headaches or stomachaches, and avoidance of situations that trigger anxiety.

How is high functioning anxiety diagnosed?

High functioning anxiety is typically diagnosed by a mental health professional who will assess the individual's symptoms and medical history. They may also conduct psychological evaluations and ask about any family history of anxiety disorders.

What are some treatment options for high functioning anxiety?

Treatment options for high functioning anxiety may include therapy, medication, mindfulness practices, exercise, and lifestyle changes such as reducing caffeine and alcohol intake.

Can high functioning anxiety be cured?

While there is no cure for high functioning anxiety, it can be managed with the help of a mental health professional and through self-care practices.

How common is high functioning anxiety?

High functioning anxiety is relatively common, with an estimated 10-20% of the population experiencing symptoms.

Can high functioning anxiety lead to other mental health disorders?

Yes, individuals with high functioning anxiety may be at an increased risk for developing other mental health disorders such as depression or substance abuse.

Is high functioning anxiety a form of generalized anxiety disorder?

High functioning anxiety is not a formal diagnosis in the DSM-V, but it can be considered a subtype of generalized anxiety disorder.

Can high functioning anxiety impact work performance?

Yes, high functioning anxiety can impact work performance due to symptoms such as perfectionism and difficulty relaxing.

Can high functioning anxiety be managed without medication?

Yes, high functioning anxiety can be managed without medication through therapy, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle changes. However, medication may be recommended in severe cases.

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High Functioning Anxiety


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