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New York

Ryan Ward

How do I find a therapist in New York?

We can match you with a therapist! Simply answer a few questions on our form and we will recommend providers in New York who meet your needs. Next, set up free calls with your matches to figure out which provider is the best fit for you. You can also browse our list of New York therapists and coaches in our directory or check out NY low-fee therapy resources here.

How much does therapy cost in New York?

Therapy requires both an emotional and financial commitment, like any other investment in your growth. The average cost of therapy in New York State is $125 per session, but costs can rise in metro areas like New York City. The average cost of therapy in NYC is $200-250 per session. The therapists and coaches MyWellbeing works with offer fees between $100-350 per session, and you can request a specific fee in our match form.

What if I can't afford therapy?

Dedicated By MyWellbeing accepts some insurances

If you're in-network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, or United Healthcare, MyWellbeing can help you find a provider! Dedicated by MyWellbeing is our small team of in-house therapists that accept some insurances and provide best in class care. To view our available providers who are in-network click here!

At this time, our therapy matchmaking is available outside of insurance.

We would love to connect you with the right therapist or coach for you and we believe strongly in the value (both financially and emotionally) of our community’s deep expertise. At this time, our transparent experience is that the systems and reimbursement rates surrounding insurance make finding a therapist in-network very challenging. Learn more about why many therapists do not accept insurance in-network here.

If you're in need of low-fee therapy, please look at our NY low-fee therapy resource here.

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New York


MyWellbeing matches you to the right provider that specializes in what matters most to you. Our match form takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and you'll immediately receive 3 provider recommendations that fit your needs. All of the providers on MyWellbeing offer a free phone consultation to assess fit and see if you two should work together. Click below to get matched!

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Ryan is former Head of Growth. At MyWellbeing, he helps providers get matched with clients through their unique matchmaking directory. Prior to MyWellbeing, he was the founder of Kontess, an edtech solution for universities, which was acquired in 2021. He has worked with small businesses and startups alike to help them increase revenue and reach more potential customers through the use of sales and marketing at his agency, Rex Marketing & CX.