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Sliding Scale

Ryan Ward

What is a Sliding Scale?

A sliding scale is a flexible fee structure that is based on financial need for therapy. Each therapist has their own policies around sliding scale sessions, and some therapists don't offer sliding scale at all. It's best to chat with your therapist or each therapist you're consulting with about their sliding scale policies.

How to Talk to a Therapist About Sliding Scale

It's always to best to be upfront and honest with your therapist regarding your current financial situation. When speaking with a therapist you can very simply ask them, "do you offer any sliding scale sessions?" They may say that they do, or they may say that they don't, but you'll never know unless you ask!

Some therapists only have a set number of sliding scale spots in their schedule, so be mindful that you may have to be put on a waitlist if you're looking for sliding scale sessions.

Additionally, sliding scale isn't always meant to be a permanent solution. In order to ensure those in financial need can get access to care, if in the future your financial situation changes and you'd be able to afford a therapist's full fee, you should opt to start paying full fee. This will allow a provider to give your sliding scale spot to someone else who could utilize it.

How to Find a Therapist with a Sliding Scale

MyWellbeing has a number of therapists who offer sliding scale options, with some providers offering rates less than $100/session. You can click here to get matched to a therapist that fits your budget. Also, feel free to search through our directory on your own if you'd like to browse our therapists.

Outside of MyWellbeing, we highly recommend Open Path Collective if you need highly discount therapy. With Open Path Collective, you can find therapists offering sessions less than $50/session.

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Sliding Scale


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