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Divine Partnerships: Our Mirrors to Freedom

Divine Partnerships: Our Mirrors to Freedom

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Thalia Longchamp

Picture this: You meet someone, and when your eyes meet, you have butterflies.

You smile wide, and you feel excitement--it may even be overwhelming.  

You go on dates, you get to know each other more, and you feel comfortable and giddy all at the same time.

The relationship progresses, and it is mutual and romantic.You are swept off your feet and feel like the person before you ticks off all the boxes for your ideal partner—for the most part—and you do the “grown-up” thing with each other. Maybe you both have a few arguments here or there, nothing too serious.

After some time, you become an official couple. Both of your friend groups like the other—for the most part. Both of your families approve of the relationship—if you’re lucky. But all in all, this other person is solid.

You are solid. And you both have fun together.

The foundation of the relationship makes sense and even looks good. Your life feels complete.

From here, who knows what will happen. But for the most part, it seems clear, maybe even peacefully predictable, as to what the future of the relationship will be. 

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Sounds like a normal and decent and healthy template for a relationship. Minimal drama, comfort, your needs are met—for the most part.


The relationship I have just described, is not a Divine Partnership. It is not a Twin Flame relationship. Not even on a good day, not even close.

As a practitioner who offers mental health services as well as alternative healing, I have heard enough of my clients bring up a person that they feel conflicted over--regardless of whether the client is single, married, or in a relationship—because they believe that this other person is their Twin Flame.

I must note that most of my clients were not particularly “spiritually” savvy or used “spiritual” jargon or did “spiritual” things. They were however individuals who throughout their lives had been incredibly aware, sensitive, intelligent, and grounded, even if they didn’t believe that they were. I emphasize these notes because it is important to understand that many individuals who encounter their Twin Flame and are thrust into a Twin Flame journey are everyday people doing everyday things. However, something that does not happen every day though, happened to them.

Whatever comes up as a result of this seemingly odd dynamic with this other person, this Twin Flame, is a 100% valid reason to seek therapy or counseling. I have my own experience with having felt hesitant to bring up my Twin Flame journey when I was in the thick of it- it was and still is worth it. No matter if your provider fully understands what you are speaking of or going through, seeking guidance through this time is helpful and valid.


Why is the Divine Partnership template important to understand?

The Divine Partnership template is important to understand because the very nature of Twin Flames and their relationship dynamic is designed to trigger and initiate you into your ultimate expression. Divine partnerships are ascension vehicles that begin the eternal process of shedding, cutting down, burning, and piercing through all illusion of the physical Third Dimensional Matrix, including the illusions you give yourself.

Your Twin Flame is the other incarnation of you on this planet, and your soul’s other polarity (masculine or feminine.)

We all come from Source, which is Oneness- it is everything-ness. It is non-separation.

In order to perceive “other,” there MUST be polarization:dark and light, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Separation is a concept that is only perceivable on planet Earth, on the third dimensional plane. For the soul to exist in the physical dimension, it must go through a descension if it is to incarnate to physical form. Because Source is Oneness, we need “other”to experience Source, and in turn ourselves.


What Are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are what happens when a soul stream polarizes to incarnate to the physical dimension in human form: Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Your Twin Flame is you, incarnated into another body, and you are them.

Twin Flames cannot be separated because separation does not exist beyond the Third Dimension.

But we have egos, and minds, and personalities, and physical needs. According to these things, this other person is separate from us, and therein lies the most powerful wound that takes lifetimes over centuries to truly understand, know, and heal from.

This is the Twin Flame journey: bringing the awareness of non-separation or Oneness, which is love, to ourselves and others.

Now, that sounds simple enough, right? I mean, you’re great! People think you’re awesome, you feel like a badass—sometimes—and you work on yourself constantly—skin care routines and yoga, baby! You are well-liked, even loved—worshiped even by so many because you are altruistic, kind, loyal to a fault, and the life of the party. You bent over backwards for others, forgave your parents for your childhood, understood and stay in contact with your a-hole ex, kept your friends around because technically they’re there for you even if a few are long-winded, don’t always check in, are sometimes oddly competitive, and party…like a lot. They have so much drama, but that’s normal!

You cry normalish amounts but you have no idea why, you have random bouts of depression, weird trigger things you don’t fully understand but don’t press the issue on, and you have an obscure dark side that you are not sure is a problem but are sure you have a good heart (hopefully) so it’s fine. It’s fine! You’re human. It’s fine.

Most importantly, you love—so deeply. You feel—so deeply. You may keep just how deeply you feel to yourself. The things that fascinate and scare you mostly stay in your head.

Finally, you just know that one day you will meet someone who will just get it. They will see you, accept you, you will see and accept them, and you will be each other’s home, filled with love.  

Until then though, who is buying the next round?! And who cares if what’s-their-name hasn’t texted you back in a week, am I right?!


Finding Your Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is going to come into your life (maybe you’ve had a heads up in a dream before they do, maybe not) and they are going to flip and change everything in your world. They will change what you believe about yourself, others, and your reality, and you and your life will never be the same again.

You will have about 2-8 weeks of the “bubble-love” phase with them, and then that will stop.

The world you thought you had control over will be gone—forever.

And it will hurt, like you have never felt pain before. For a very, very long time.

You are going to feel alone in this dynamic for a while. You will not be able to fully explain to anyone because they can’t get it—unless they have experienced it—and you will feel this loneliness for a very, very long time. Aspects of you will awaken, other aspects will shed without warning as well as the relationships they attracted, constantly.

This awakening this other person has catalyzed is not romantic. It is not comfortable.

And it is not meant to be romantic or comfortable.

I don’t say this to scare you. I don’t say this to warn you.

The meeting or reunion of your Twin Flame is your catalyst for ultimate spiritual growth. They are your Mirror of absolutely EVERYTHING. Every single aspect of yourself, your beliefs, your awareness, your feelings, your choices, your life, your reality, your mind, your heart, your wounding, your darkness, your secrets, your desires, all your relationships, your relationship with sex, your family, your ancestry… they will reflect everything. Everything that’s conscious and everything that’s subconscious, they will mirror back to you. And you will not be able to run. You will not be able to hide.

You will have entered a new reality completely upon connecting with them, that is going to put you in a spiritual, energetic, physical, emotional, and psychological pressure cooker for the rest of your life. 

It is only when you surrender and learn to integrate your shadow, your ego, understand your fears and their origins and so much more, as well as release the illusion of separation, that things will feel less like a curse and more like the only reason you came to Earth in the first place.

Hint: The only reason you did agree to incarnate to Earth, is expansion.

Our souls, our consciousness expands. The mind, the ego, the personality, does not expand.

The body is a vessel, the mind is a multidimensional tool, the personality is a roadmap, the ego is armor.

We are not our bodies, minds, personalities, or egos—we are our soul.

The only way the soul and consciousness expand is through experience, and the lessons we learn from them.

Because our Twin Flame is us, because they are our soul incarnated into another body, and our soul agreed to come here to expand and learn what it desires to: our Twin Flame is the only one outside of ourselves capable of truly having the influence to initiate us in the way we need to expand.

Misconceptions about Twin Flames

The following is NOT true of your Twin Flame:

Your Twin Flame is the only person you can ever love.

Your Twin Flame is the only person you could ever be happy with.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t need to respect you or your boundaries.

Your Twin Flame must be your partner in the physical dimension for you to feel or be whole.

Your Twin Flame is entitled to treat you poorly.

Your Twin Flame should be taking you on dates, asking you to dinner, and confessing their love to you.

Your Twin Flame needs to validate your experiences.

Your Twin Flame has to make you feel love and comforted in the physical, not just in astral dreams.

Your Twin Flame is your abuser.

Your Twin Flame is the toxic relationship you are addicted to.

Your Twin Flame is someone you are obsessed with who has made it clear they are not interested.

The world as we know it, as we have always known it, has taken Love — what it actually is, what it does, and what it’s for – and, like all things pure and good, has packaged and mass-distributed it, and made its definition complex, intoxicating, and falsified.

We are all Love. We all come from Love. Love is the only thing that is true. Source is Love.

We cannot be separate from Source, and therefore cannot be separate from each other, or from Love.

The best shot we have at acting upon this truth of what Love is on Earth is taking someone else as us, which means their best interests become our own. Yes, that also means that you may have to separate from someone if it is harming you to keep the relationship or dynamic.

Because love is taking someone else’s best interests as yours, if someone is not taking your best interests as theirs and it is harming you, then it is not Love.

Anything else is distortion or inversion of truth.


The Dynamics of Divine Partnerships

So, Divine Partnerships. The dynamic with them, on a physical, energetic, and soul level, is an arena filled with the elements necessary to become our highest expression. These elements propel us to express our soul, expand our consciousness, and see through the endless illusions in this world that distort the integrity of love and truth. 

This kind of hero’s journey is just that: a journey. With our Divine Partnerships: a spiritually based dynamic that is by nature not bound to third dimensional laws or conventions, is a hero’s journey that is cyclical. There are no limits to how much personal power and love we can feel or receive or give, and we are in service of something beyond and bigger than any illusions, programming, conditioning, and wounds that we have all acquired from this physical density.

Divine Partners individually and together, serve the collective on behalf of the Divine.

The world as we know it, with all its chaos, conflict, and suffering, is not the final destination for humanity. It is only a part of the story of the collective consciousness, that we will all continue to write: breaking down systems based on illusion, ending oppressive structures, and finding peace, until we all choose to take our rightful place in the Divine symphony of the Universe.

Until then, Love is the only sword you will need against the mist of fear. When your Divine Partner comes along, their only job is to show you that you have been the sword all along.

How you wield that, is up to you.

It is crucial that we all acknowledge exactly where we are within ourselves, right now and check in with how we truly feel about ourselves, our reality, our shared reality, everyone in it, our beliefs—and see where there is more room for love.  Love is the polar opposite of fear (not hate or contempt), fear is illusion, and separation (me or us vs. them) is the ultimate fear and illusion.  

We are One, period.

Your power is in using your free will in order to choose love—despite the odds, and despite how much and to whatever degree you have been let down by others and the world and even yourself. Choosing love, is always worth it. It is not gross or too much or shameful, or embarrassing, or not cool—it is literally what you are. You do not have to earn or fight or deserve something that you are made of. But you will sometimes have to fight the illusion that you do—don’t let it stop you from knowing your truth. There is nothing wrong with you, there was never anything wrong with you. The world is dense, and we are all just trying to survive and make our way back Home. Seek guidance, help, and rest where you need it.

Divine Partners: Twin Flames, and how and when they show up, remind us of something greater. They wake us up and remind us of who we truly are, and we remember.

Then, the illusions of this world better watch out.

Because we are taking our power back and helping everyone around us do the same as well, until we are all free.


End Note: Self-Love

Self love - divine partnership or not - is the most important love you can achieve in this lifetime. The love you have for and give to yourself is going to be tested.

You pass by choosing yourself - it serves the collective and beyond, the divine.

The love you have for yourself will be tested by having to choose between you or the people you are closest with if they are causing you harm - choose you.

The love you have for yourself will be tested by having to choose between you or the behaviors, beliefs, and activities that cause you harm - choose you.

The love you have for yourself will be tested by having to choose between you or focusing all your energy on a Twin Flame that is committed to not showing up for you - choose you.

You are your Twin Flame.

Read that last part over and over.

Sat Nam.

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