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60 Reasons To Start Therapy

60 Reasons To Start Therapy

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On behalf of the MyWellbeing team - we wish you a restful year! This month we are focusing on the therapy journey, and we’re so excited to be adding to our Modern Therapy Stories series. But before we share those stories, we wanted to give a little encouragement to those not quite ready to take the therapy plunge. So we asked our Instagram community why they thought folks should try therapy. Here’s what our friends had to say!

60 Reasons To Start Therapy:

  1. It is 45 minutes a week for you and only you. It redefines the world selfish and turns it into self love.
  2. Self awareness is sexy.
  3. To better understand the stories we tell ourselves and release the ones that are not true.
  4. You do your nails, you change your car oil. Therapy is just brain maintenance.
  5. To break generational cycles of dysfunction.
  6. Healthy ways to grow in your sexuality and relationship with yourself!
  7. I went to therapy because I thought I was fine/only needed support for grief - WOW was I wrong. Greatest thing ever!
  8. Therapy helps you come to terms with the past and helps you let go of any of the shame that comes with it.
  9. Why not help yourself?
  10. Feeling heard, seen, and held.
  11. Everyone likes talking about themselves!
  12. To learn how to speak for yourself.
  13. Therapy affirms your intuitions about your sh*tbag ex!
  14. For new perspectives and to challenge yourself further.
  15. To unearth what is holding you back.
  16. It is invaluable to have a therapist know you when you are not in crisis so they can serve you better when you are in crisis.
  17. Validation! Unbiased support. Creativity. Reframed thinking. Your therapist REALLY cares.
  18. Learn to feel. I started going because I felt dead inside.
  19. “It’s not your fault if you are fcked up, but it is your fault if you stay f*cked up.”
  20. To learn what’s great about yourself.
  21. You deserve the best quality of life possible.
  22. I thought I knew myself best. In therapy I learned I was keeping things from myself.
  23. Pain will always be here, but why not reduce the suffering?
  24. Because sometimes crying in your car gets old.
  25. You can tell them anything!
  26. Connect with yourself on a deeper level.
  27. Non-judgmental thoughts from a neutral party.
  28. Because you are important enough.
  29. Sharing your burden isn’t burdening someone else. It’s making it easier for you to heal.
  30. Because we are not our thoughts.
  31. You are impacted by millions of people daily. No one is expected to deal with that alone.
  32. Because you don’t have to go through it alone!
  33. Objective POV to help notice destructive patterns.
  34. To get your life back. To get you back!
  35. Finding a way to live, heal, and exist unapologetically in my queerness despite all my trauma.
  36. Gives you at least one person you can confide in.
  37. Because problems don’t go away if you ignore them. Do future you a solid and go!
  38. Clarifying goals for yourself that are not based on the opinions of family and friends.
  39. For support you deserve but don’t currently have.
  40. Anxiety.
  41. Because life doesn’t have to be this hard!
  42. It’s not your partner/family/friend’s responsibility to help you process all of your emotions.
  43. Because safe spaces are necessary and rare!
  44. It’s me committing to me.
  45. Therapy helps us identify and counter the negative storylines that we often take as truth.
  46. To heal from what your parents did not.
  47. Like any other muscle, your brain needs to stretch and release to find new ways of thinking.
  48. Catharsis.
  49. Zero guilt about being “too negative,” unlike venting to friends and family.
  50. To emotionally cleanse and show up more fully to life.
  51. No expectations to reciprocate holding space for someone else; it’s totally your time.
  52. Guidance.
  53. To be able to see all the good things and enjoy them.
  54. Clarity.
  55. Alleviate obsessive thoughts.
  56. Put your mental health FIRST even though it can always feel like there isn’t enough time.
  57. It’s nice to have someone listen to you for their job.
  58. Gifting yourself kindness and support makes you stronger.
  59. It keeps you grounded.
  60. You are not the exception to feeling better.

We are so grateful to our community for helping us make this list! If you’re new to MyWellbeing, we are a therapist matchmaking service. We know the most important, and most daunting, part of finding a therapist is the right fit - so we take the bulk of that heavy lifting and help you find your perfect match.

We know you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities. But we also want to remind you that you deserve to have help along the way. We hope this list is something you can refer to if you need a little extra push to prioritize therapy in the New Year.

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