Our Story

We are therapy advocates.

As people who go to therapy and trained therapists, we are familiar with the life-changing benefits therapy has to offer.

While pursuing her own therapist search and working as a therapist, our founder Alyssa Petersel realized that the systems surrounding therapy were broken.

In June 2017, she launched My Wellbeing to work toward a world where going to therapy is normal, encouraged, and accessible. 


Our Priorities

Compatibility and Guidance

You may be familiar with browsing tons of therapist profile pages and feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Choice fatigue is real. We’re here to help.

We focus on matching so you meet with not just any therapist, but find the right therapist for you.

Therapists we work with offer a free 15-min phone consultation so you can gauge your fit, risk-free.

Should your first match not feel right for any reason, email your My Wellbeing guide for more matches, additional resources, or to talk through in more depth.


Our Offerings

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy Matchmaking

  1. Share your preferences.

  2. Receive your matches.

  3. Book your phone consult(s).

  4. Begin your therapy!


Corporate Wellness

My Wellbeing partners with companies and communities to bring strengthened mental health resources to you and your team.

We offer free and a-la-carte options.

On average, our companies experience 20% utilization.

Learn more: book a complimentary phone consultation below.


Support Groups

Support groups are progressive, affordable opportunities to grow with both peer and professional support.

Learn more about open groups and workshops below.

Or, email us at connect@mywellbeing.com with questions or requests.


Take the guesswork out of your search.